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A #SmartHomeRevolution with Flipkart.

Things have changed really fast in today’s time and that applies both to technology and the way how people live today. Technology has brought about a drastic change into the way of living by way of entering into every field which is connected with the day to day living. Here are the fields where technology has impacted the most change in which people today live. 

Smart Wearable are the first field which have been impacted the most. In today’s hectic lifestyle keeping fit is a challenge in itself and with parks, green cover in cities a thing of the past and sometimes even seeming that it’s a thing of the bygone era there is no place left to do with fitness regime in general in the first place and secondly due to working, hectic lifestyle of virtually each and everyone in this country, time is at a superpremium so that’s the reason why working professionals prefer to do their small health regimes while on the go. There are a lot of gadgets to help them in their daily routine when it comes to fitness and the first ones which come into the mind are the wearables. The most common one is the smart watch- a so called watch which also displays everything which you need to keep track when it comes to your daily fitness routine. These smart watches come with pulse rate counter, steps taken, distance walked, calories burned, floors climbed, time taken to do all the activities. Due to the fact that these come with big displays large enough to be comfortably read means that you don't have to squat your eyes everytime when you look down at the display. Now most of the watches are water resistance up to a particular depth so you can easily do the same things while you are swimming too. In another terms would put it like being into a fighter jet cockpit where the displays show you all the information you need to see and while also feeling like a Navy Seal commando at the very same time where all this information is there at your disposal while you are doing your work at land or in water while swimming. 

The very first time when I missed out on my very urgent need of a smart watch was just prior to Independence Day 2018 where for a cycling event I had to keep a track of the kms I had actually cycled and the time taken to do that. Due to the extreme paucity of time I could not buy a a smart watch then but I had to make do with an alternative by installing an android app on my phone insttead of wearing a watch which could tell me the same thing. So you can imagine I’m cycling early-morning, quite dark at 4 o’clock with the cellphone in my trouser pocket, the app volume called up fully to listen to the distance covered and the time taken. Although I pushed my personal boundaries that day where my initial goal was to cover just 8 km initially but due to the encouraging voice from the app informing me about the distance, I did it to more than a half marathon distance of approximately 23 km in just under one hours 45 minutes. Although it was a very big achievement for me but that day I really missed a smart watch because I would have really liked a small gadget like that to tell me all the information I needed rather than carry bulky smart phone in my pant pocket which also made cycling a bit tough of sorts. 

The next items which have become a sort of necessity in today’s homes according to the requirements of the society in general are for homes and which comes into the mind are the Smart Camera. Security cameras were a fad some years back reserved for commercial establishments but nowadays with housing societies getting bigger, multiple flats at one floor and not possible to keep a track on all blocks at all the times however good the security may be, calls the need for your own personal security of the house. That’s not limited just for outsiders but can also be used to keep a track of what’s going at your home too. There is no price big enough when it comes to the safety and security of your home, family members. There is one very senior accountant in my office who lost his wife just recently due to an illness and he was worried about the welfare of his two school going children while he is in the office. So what he did was get security cameras installed around his house in such a way that they give him a view of the main road outside the house as well as 180° view of the neighbourhood houses on the left and right and he controlled them electronically via smart phone. He comes to the face, accesses the app and keeps an eye on the camera feed the whole day while doing the work from his desk. All it takes for him is a drainage of the phone battery and nothing else. 

The next product which would help are the Smart lights. There are many instances at home when due to some work, we forget whether we have switched off a particular light in the room or not and what we do is to open all the locks and double check just to be sure. All this is an unnecessary hassle just because mind was occupied somewhere and we were confused a bit. Now due to the smart light solutions available in the market, this big task becomes a tad easier because the lights in the house can easily be controlled via apps or even in situations where you can’t use your hands to turn on the lights in the kitchen. Imagine preparing batter for “Pakodis” in the kitchen and suddenly it gets too much dark outside that it becomes difficult to see in the kitchen. At that time you can’t smear the light switch with batter in order to see, in this scenario the smart lighting solution is all you would need to do is to command the Smart home gadget to turn on a particular light and it would do it for you. It’s not laziness but a tool for help in just one instance. Imagine a scenario where you’re sitting in the evening with your beloved and the mood is set for some romantic talk, then you can’t get up and dim the lights and ruin the moment…. Just order the gadget to do it for you and you can now focus on your beloved and the talk and leave the rest of the mundane tasks to…

Coz nothing can beat Romantic talks and that should be done the old-fashioned way….. For everything else, there’s a bit of technology and smart solution lingering just round the corner.

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