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WOW : The muffler from Shillong

There are many things you would find in a closet.. Some of the ones which you use regularly, some are ignored or forgotten in the heap of clothing and only get a chance to be looked that at the time of spring cleaning and some are there in the corners of the cupboard because they are very special and have a lot of memories attached to it. Same is the case with me as I have one piece of accessory which is worn every year during the winter season and it’s quite close to my heart. This is his story and the wonderful bond shared with the person behind it, when it all started 10 years back never thought it would go this far.

So this is a short story about her and how I got this beautiful muffler. Her name is Kajol Gurung, for me she is my Kajal di. She’s a total stranger whom I had met on Facebook for a hugely popular game called mafia wars way back in 2009. I was looking for team members and she was the first Indian name I could find in the gaming community. She accepted the request, added her and we began playing. When we were not gaming,  started interacting with her in person in getting to know her. She was very friendly and kept in touch with me over the years  even after the game had closed down. During my crazy tough times she was there to patiently listen to me and offer advice just like any elder would do. She adores me, gets angry with me, scolds me, taunts me just like a big sister would do.

She moved to the US some years back because her husband got a job opportunity there. She followed my crazy blogging activities and various blogger meets on Facebook via photos and when she came to know that a few of us were fortunate enough to meet Vikas Khanna, she went bonkers because he is her favourite. So she threatened me with dire consequences if I didn’t get her his autograph the next time I met him. She was coming to India for some holidays to her family in Shillong and it was her chance to meet me first time in person and take that autograph in Delhi.

Hilarity ensued because I had not been to the arrivals terminal of Delhi T3 terminal as to meet someone. So early morning at 5 I left my home making up a story about delivering something to a friend. Meeting someone you’ve never met before is a no-go in few cases in my home. She had connecting flight and so keeping the check-in time also in mind I had not more than 60 minutes at my disposal. I had carried my office bag along, I didn’t knew about the entry without the bag and had to literally sprint to the cloakroom to deposit the bag and come back to the main terminal. Racing against time and with the layout of the lounges unknown with even the security guys helpless, it ate up all of my 60 minutes and by the time I could coordinate with her as to which lounge she was in,  it was time for her flight.

She had promised that she had her return back to the US in 4 weeks and this time she won’t put up at the lounge otherwise it will create problems for us again. All this while her Vikas Khanna autograph was with me all laminated (he had given that autograph for her while attending an event in 102 fever). The next time within a month, it was time for me to repeat the same procedure again but this time I took off half an hour earlier and did not repeat the same mistakes as earlier. So I had plenty of time in my hand with no rushing through security. 

She came out of the departure area, into the waiting area where I was patiently waiting for her. The moment was special for me because here was a lady who was a total stranger to me in reality, I had never met her before, she used to call me from the US, is used to being treated as my big sister and all that had happened in a span of 10 years. When we had settled down at a coffee shop I handed her the most precious autograph for her and she handed me this beautiful muffler from Shillong purchased especially for me along with a keychain.

This beautiful piece of warm love and affection has been with me since some last 5 years and every year it graces my closet for the winter season and then its carefully stowed away. Even if some season I forget to wear it, my mom would instantly rebuke me asking, “When are you going to wear the one which your sister from Shillong gave you?” (That’s another story as to how I made up a story to introduce her to my family).

I can never explain the bond with her ever. The muffler is a beautiful reminder of how a piece of cloth can share bond and memories. This is not just any random item in my closet but a very special one because some gifts you can’t categorise where to put them and are treated as a gift of love, care and affection.

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  1. Such a touching post, Shwetabh.
    If your family gets to read this, they will know the reality.
    It's muffler time in Delhi.
    There are a lot of memories associated with things and people.
    Long after people have gone, things remain.