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Those superstitions during exams

Exams are the dreaded phase of life of every student and with exams comes superstitions, the ones which help you pass or the ones which are considered as lucky. Is been 17 years since I last passed school but exams have never left me even during my present time, this time I’m struggling with exams for my departmental promotions and all. 

So here are a few superstitions I followed/when it comes to exam time than passing. Please let me know you also did the same- 

The lucky colour dress is something which might not cater to school going children but would be applicable to the ones going to college and beyond. How many times did we wear either the same shirt on exam days or wear a particular colour?? 

The lucky pen must be common to all. The same pen to be used in all exams irrespective of the fact that other pens can also be used. A few of my friends used to write with a particular reynolds and in case the refill ended, they used to take out the brand-new refill from another reynolds, inserted into the old one and just do the exams. In my case I remember giving my company secretaryship foundation level exams with a particular pen in all the exams and passing just on the line in the first attempt. 

Even while drawing it used to be the same pencil used in all exams from start to finish even though it meant that constant sharpening made it no less bigger than your average finger and was extremely hard to grasp. 

Who can forget the age-old custom closing the book and opening it with your eyes closed, whatever page opened that was surely going to come in the exam and this was done three times so it meant that three questions were minimum sure shot to come and you had to mug up those six pages at least. 

Don’t know whether any of you have actually heard or even tried this trick. Unfortunately I still do this and the variation depends on my mood. You add up all the numbers in your roll number and divide it by your date of birth, only the date not the month. The addition should be such that only a single digit number is obtained at the very last which should be fully divided by your date. If it leaves no remainder you will pass, otherwise down the hole… 

The last one is fairly common. It’s called twitching of the eye or आँख फड़कना in Hindi. Its said that twitching of the right eye is lucky for males and left for females and the vice versa of the other eye is the arrival of bad luck. Many a times it has happened that I’d dread that twitching of the left eye after I am done with my preparation. At that time I just hope that the right eye twitches so that the negative effect is cancelled. Even during exam time it has happened that the right eye has twiched and I felt fairly confident during my exam. This thing is seen in conjunction with the above-mentioned number superstition. Both go hand-in-hand and even though the number superstition might have failed me in the prediction during quite a few times but this twitch God knows is almost accurate. 

So these are the few exam time superstitions I thought of sharing with all but these do not mean that you don’t study for particular subject exam, these are used as top ups with the basic condition that you have fully studied the whole’s subject matter your or the syllabus first.
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  1. I would become little nervous if my eye especially right, twitched!