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The last goodbye

The last goodbye 

The 1st last bell that rang in the morning 

Each subsequent bell a countdown timer in the sands of time 

No one knew the casual talks that day would be the last 

That morning assembly would be the last when we all would be together 

Those subject classes would be the last 

That lunch time would be the last when no one realised that the morsel of food from each other`s tiffin which we took for granted would be special in a unique way 

That last bell signalled the last step out of a place which was special for friends rather than studies 

We didnt have the money but had the time 

The last goodbye 

When the future drifted all apart... for money, job & life beyond. 

Grinding into the axles of life when what we took for granted in school, seemed special 

When meeting the same pals later on or by chance felt like a festival 

We meet again after decades 

We have the money now but not the peace of mind of those days 

Running a rat race to make something out of lives, trying to prove our worth to the outside world 

Now a simple hi, hello feels super cherished after decades. 

Whatsapp maybe the normal thing but nothing beats meeting in person 

Even now we turn to pals with bigger problems of life 

In the 2 hurdles of boards, we became too robotic to care about the time with each other wondering to focus on studies and losing the focus elsewhere 

We wonder again whether this would be our last goodbye before we drift apart again forever 

Story behind this: Just random thoughts strung together on meeting school friends after a gap as long as 18 years on the occasion of the lawyer amongst us losing his first case in his personal life .
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