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Corona: Its not a party after the 21 days lockdown and we all are responsible

I don’t know whether you would term it as a negative post, critical post but one thing is clear that it’s a angry post nevertheless. It’s angry because the whole country lockdown is due to the government and the public. Both of them are equally responsible that means each and everyone of us is responsible for what has happened in the country. 

Before I proceed any further please bear in mind in a shouting or a screaming tone that the BLOODY 21 DAYS LOCKDOWN DOES NOT MEAN IT WOULD BE ALRIGHT AFTER THAT. This 21 days is a period where concerned medical personnel will gauge and see whether any progress has been made in the cases being reported or not. Do not, do not go out and start celebrating like a bunch of Looney Toons as you had in various cities on the curfew day. There is so much anger and despair in me that I might not be able to form any sequence of events but just saying as they keep coming into my mind. 

I started reading tweets on Twitter where people started the idiotic “Boycott Chinese products” again. Tell me one thing that until and unless China really makes some drastic changes to its food habits, it won’t work. What if in the near future somebody else eats some other animal, develops disease and goes on to a world tour and starts Corona part 2 then how come your Boycott Chinese products would save you? On the government side, in international circles the fault of WHO also is slowly unraveling at a fast pace where its also guilty. Coming to India I think nobody took the threat seriously except in the south where it all started. Even when the spread had increased, there were chants of “Go Corona Go” instead of doing something practical. 

Lockdowns were imposed really really really late and only in those cities first where they were confirmed cases. With neighbouring cities open, people went to those for their daily needs. Kanpur was lockdown but Unnao just 20 km away was fully operational. People diverted, mingling continued, no social distancing and you lost the whole plot. Those who probably ordered lockdowns as spread controlling measures did not take the geographical realities into consideration it seems. You had Rahul Gandhi tweeting from Feb onwards that this is dangerous but nobody gave a damn. 

Contrary to what political/government handles say the real traveler accounts speak that very selective screening started into March.  Lockdown now is a desperate and last ditch attempt rather being a proactive one. Implementing curfew in Maharashtra, cm commented, "You people left me with no choice".

Coming to the stupidity of the general public all across India there are many instances. The biggest one most probably would be the one where people in various cities started celebrating after 5 PM by meeting in large numbers as if India had won the World Cup. 0 in commonsense and with total disregard to health they forgot that this defeated the very purpose of the curfew, its not as if it’s some sort of a Armageddon meteor or comet strike that if it passes away, we will live safely. It looks like the public is waiting for the 21 days lockdown with the same mentality and the seriousness that even if it passes away well to the expectations of doctors, it’s still a wait and watch period after that. The same thought was echoed by my good friend Roshan who is a doctor in South India.

Two of my friends are in Punjab- he is a bank manager and she is India’s only book tuber. Both have said that the people there haven’t taken this threat seriously at all. Asking the general public to not come to the bank unnecessarily keeping in mind the threat, people dismissed his fears. She kept shouting weeks back to the people known to her to start stocking essentials and maintain social distancing, nobody paid any heed to her. The net result? Police has to use force to force people to not roam in punjab now. 

Saw a video of a policemen in chennai crying and urging people with folded hands to be at home. With one of my friend in Chennai- lunch invite. 

People in other cities are no better, no. You will find a few pics of an overcrowded vegetable market in Calcutta. What happened to social distancing??? Seems like business as usual. I have personally experienced few instances in Kanpur. On the main road police was deployed so nothing but in the society lanes you have people playing cricket, elders chatting among themselves as if there is a panchayat going on. A person I know was roaming on his bike just to see, “ ज़रा माहौल देख कर आते हैं।“ 
अबे साले इस माहौल देखने के चक्कर में ही तो सारे देश के माहौल का यह काम हो गया. 

Celebrities are no better. Just one day back the so-called superstar Amitabh Bachchan was trolled for his tweet promoting an auspicious time to beat the virus. Come on, at a time when medical science is struggling to find a breakthrough of any sense we have people like these and others too who do all sort of things. All sort of wrong, fake information is spread on whatsapp and people take it to be true on face value. Case in point? The so-called cow urine drinking party to ward off the virus, forwarded message say that the virus will go away in extreme heat of India in the coming months (where something has come from the European research side that the hot weather of India might make no difference the virus and it may turn seasonal)….. There are so many instances that I literally have lost track. 

People take every news on whatsapp to be true as if Lord Brahma had himself written that. They don’t bother to go for a authenticity check of the same and with the various fake treatments/messages roaming around on social media it would be not long enough before somebody actually loses life following what they say. 

I would again say that everybody in this country responsible for the current state and please do use your head in following instructions strictly if you want to live coz there is no cure. 

भारत में जब तक किसी बीमारी का इलाज सिर्फ मौत न हो तब तक उसको seriously कौन लेता है? 

A huge thank you to all the doctors, medical personnel and people of allied services for doing the best in this situation.
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  1. Good to read this Shwetabh. After a long time... People are not understanding the seriousness of the disease rather for them the Lockdown is a picnic affair. But they don't understand that it is equally bad for them and for us too who are strictly following the Lockdown.

  2. Totally agree with you, Shwetabh.
    I shared some of these points of concern in my post- Lessons from Coronavirus.
    High time everyone takes all the guidelines seriously.
    Yes, we are responsible for this "maahaul" in our country & world.