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Poets of the Fall : A music band with emotions

Music is the perfect soul charmer when chaos reigns supreme. We all have found solace in something or the other. I find my calmness in one particular music band- Poets of the fall.

Addicted to them ever since I heard they are very first hit “Late goodbye” via Max Payne 2. It was something different. It took me sometime to fully understand and appreciate their music as I underwent a personal tragedy in 2012. As I coped or tried to cope with the grief, loss entire days, POTF and discovering more of their songs rather than just Late Goodbye was my only distraction.

I was never able to exactly pinpoint what was it that made me like them- in some songs it was the melodious music ort in some it was the lyrics but all in all it was either of the two. “War” from Alan Wake became my next favourite as I discovered Lift, Carnival of Rust after that. The simplicity of the music and the emotions of the songs were such that whenever I tried to discover any new bands , I always used to wonder , “Will it live to the POTF standards” ? . A friend of mine who tried to introduce me to other bands used to be frustrated and she still says to this very day, “Get out of the POTF mode for once.” Well, I don’t blame her, I have grown up listening to Backstreet Boys, N sync etc in those days of my childhood. With the pop music culture not so active now comparatively, its rare to find a music band with good songs and music.

These guys have toured India for some music festivals in the past but I never got a chance to attend any of them due to the various reasons. Their songs are something, emotions which either I have not found in English band songs since a long time or the emotions they convey feel so much human. Feels like someone is peeking into your heart and pouring out all the emotions in the various songs. As I started listening to their various songs over the years, did I realise that each one speaks of an emotion…somewhere deep. Emotion wise I would say that their Indian counterpart would be the music band- Euphoria and moving across the border if – Strings from Pakistan.

During this COVID lockdown, they came out with the Alexander Theatre Sessions of 12 of their songs (only 12?? ) and I must say that they are even better than the originals although I would have liked more of their songs to make it to the album. Only I know the trouble and the effort I had to put in to get my hands on the music cd…

In the extinct music scene now, POTF would always remain the perfect calm wave in the ever raging sea of life.

Their first ever song which was the start of it all... " Late Goodbye"

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