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For all your pc gaming needs forget Amazon, head to Kryptonite Microsystems

In India its tough getting a branded gaming peripheral and everyone runs to amazon at the 1st opportunity but what to do when even amazon has super jacked up prices and you cant find international brands you are looking for?

A search, kinda started and ended in Ahmedabad – out of all places and that too unexpectedly . I was looking to buy a mechanical keyboard and after a lot of research came to know that the international standard of switches came from Cherry MX . Alternate brands are also there . Spending a handsome sum on a simple keyboard seemed odd so I decided to go the RGB way. You can see a lot of Indian brands offering the following combo at much cheaper prices but when you throw in Cherry MX into the mix, there are is nothing there…except for few foreign ones- Hyper X and Cooler Master.

I shortlisted the latest in RGB- Cooler Master MK 850 but no one in India was having it. After talking to the company officials I had to drop the idea as they were having a model which I did not want. With a heavy heart I had to switch the brand to Hyper X. Amazon was out of stock so the sales manager of North India put me in touch with the one man who would have it all- all the way in Ahmedabad. It was like hitting a jackpot in a bullseye.

In came Mr. Pinank Patel, a multibrand distributor of pc gaming peripherirals. After giving him the reference, I casaually blurted out that I was looking for Cooler Master originally and Hyper X is my not so confident “majboori” choice. He simply stated that he has both the brands I was looking in right now and much more although the model with him was an older model with my choice never meant to be released in India by the company. With him being an avid gamer himself, I had to trust his instinct and say although he did whatsapped me pics of both models so that I could make a choice. The pricing you might ask? Dirt cheap I would say. A pricing matched only by the direct US costing. Everywhere it was either “out of stock” or “loot” prices even if they had them in stock.

The product ( Cooler Master MK 750) was shipped to me after I made the payment ( he even created a separate payment gateway link for me to make payment, on request). It was a bit unfortunate that the new unit was partial dead on arrival but even that got replaced with a brand new unit within 10 days directly from the company. He took the pain of getting the unit replaced by the company on my behalf .

That was my 1st purchase with him. Following up with the antics of the keyboard , my mind now wandered to a RGB mousepad now and this time I settled on Razer V 2. He suggested me the size as well as the surface of the mousepad. It has all paid off.

While shopping we all look at the cheaper options at Amazon normally but for all my pc gaming peripheral needs I turn to Mr. Pinank for the sole reason that he is a gamer and understands the products and suggests accordingly. By the time you might hear the standard “We are looking into the stock availability situation” line from any company support, he already has all the info regarding the product, from the company officials.

He is a jackpot for all those people who want to buy gaming gadgets in India , have money but cant find them with ease. So checkout his insta page for all that and more. Forget Amazon, he is the perfect guy to get all well known international brands at one place and at prices which are hard to match.

You can find him at –

Mr. Pinank Patel

Kryptonite Microsystems

Contact: 9687065870

For all your pc gaming needs forget Amazon, head to Kryptonite Microsystems For all your pc gaming needs forget Amazon, head to Kryptonite Microsystems Reviewed by Shwetabh on 6:18:00 PM Rating: 5

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