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Battlefield 1 : One day all this will be over ( Remember Us)


One day all this will be over.

The war to end all wars will be won—by one side or the other.

The guns will rust. Grass will grow and there'll be nothing left of any of this.

The land will heal itself as everything does in the end.

We'll be long gone by then—

but maybe not forgotten.

History only remembers one in a thousand of us then the future will be filled with stories of who we were and what we did. How we lived, how we fought and how we died.


When this is all over and the war is won—

they will remember us.

But until that day comes, we will stand, we will look death in the eye—

and we will fight!

What is this and why  ? - These lines are spoken in the ending of the popular PC game " Battlefield 1 " which is based on the happenings of World War 1. The game features 6 different stories across variety of missions. The stories which really affected me were featuring the Gallipoli campaign.

I 1st heard about the campaign from the search campaign by an Indian Youtuber " Varun Vagish when he was searching for the graves of the Indian Soldiers who fought in WW1 for the british (which he ultimately found- the names ). From that day onwards, Gallipoli became a name I would never forget and Battlefield 1 gave me the chance to momentarily relive that campaign although the character I was playing in game was Australian but it was a campaign I enjoyed the most. Many gamers have panned the game for its single player campaign but for me the reason to like this is really different. They fought then give us today. They have long gone 

In the end, when the game finishes , these lines spoken reflect the mind of every soldier who fought in WW1 for his country...and it felt so true to me and close to the heart.

Watch the emotional moment when the names are finally found:

The battlefield 1 video which reminds us of the same:

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  1. Battlefied is a great game. No doubt about it but have you tried NFT Games