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Deaf and blind Ola cabs didn`t listen , Ola money helped

The ordeals when it comes to Ola cabs never seem to end come what may. Today I will tell you about an incident in which Ola cabs were almost harassing me and I had to turn to Ola money for help, they were the guys who helped me out.

If you are the one who believes the shit Ola writes on their twitter page about being just a DM away from help, DON’T BELIEVE THEIR SHIT. They would leave you in the lurch when it would matter the most and their customer care executives are an ill trained bunch of idiots who seem to know that they know it all but they are fully incompetent.

On 31 st July I took an outstation cab from Kanpur to Lucknow . Just a few kms after the start of the trip I came to know that due to an emergency I would have to cut short my trip and would have to deboard at the Airport enroute. All this was communicated to the driver and he was ok with it ( he would be able to make a U turn back to Kanpur from there, all good for him). Meanwhile , I tried editing the destination but to no avail, I was getting down some 30 kms before my final booked destination. I could not edit the destination, was no way I was able to talk to an executive as the ongoing ride did not have an option to call an executive. I tried reaching them through tweets and DMs but no response. My destination was fast approaching. The good thing which I had done was the payment mode- Ola money. When the ride bill was generated, I saw that I was billed for a total of 107 kms (original booking) while in reality I had travelled only 77 kms. By the time , the lazy social media time responded to my sos messages, it had already been 2 hours past since I had reached my home after attending to the emergency.

I immediately contacted liar no. 1 (customer care executive of ola) and told him the whole issue. He listened to my issue, confirmed the travel distance with the driver and told me that I would hear back within 48 hours. The idiot raised my issue under the ticket of “ driver took a longer route” and the email idiots closed it saying that we have investigated and nothing is wrong. Due to the fact that so many lies were spoken to me by executives, would refer to ola excectuives as “ liars” in this blog post. Nothing happened in the 48 hours, I then rang up ola again and then again another liar came on line, listened to me repeating the whole issue, assuring me of another lie of a 48 hour response and 4 hours call back. I knew that in few days Ola money would give me a statement to clear the dues so I needed to resolve this issue asap. On the 3rd Liar call, 2 days back I simply stated to another liar to put a “ floor level supervisor” at the start who had the power to resolve issues on the spot, on the line but to no avail. These ola liars think they know everything even when the customer is telling them that you don’t have the power and authority to solve such a tricky case. From the 31st july to 4 th aug. , I must have talked to some 20+ liars with no resolution in sight.

When requesting for supervisors either they were not free, not in office ( looke like all of them were fired in one go ) or I was put on hold for 30-30+ minutes where the call would disconnect automatically. The liars also did not provide me email ids of escalation desk where I could put up my issue. I was so fed up of multiple calls everyday that I used to beg to the liars to put me in charge of someone higher up and not talk to me thereby saving their time. As I running towards default on dues clearing, I thought of contacting old money as they were the ones who would be receiving my money, ola cabs can go to hell for the time being. 2 minutes after I tweeted to ola money that I needed help , I received a dm from their side, asking for the issue. After I explained to them that ola cabs were not responding and I was desperate for help, I got a call within 5 mins from Bangalore office of ola money. The executive on call was Mr. Prashant I think, I explained to him the whole matter and how ola cabs was making a mockery of the whole issue and not at all helping while I was at my wits end. I asked them to either do something which they can or provide with an extension to clear my dues. Prashant said that he had noted my issue and would send it to the escalation desk of ola money who would send it to their respective counterparts at ola cabs. I was so much furious at the moment that had someone from cabs called instead, I would have abused him fully first and then talked. Prashant also gave me the freedom to write the whole matter to ola money escalation desk, grievance officer , nodal officer and it would be suitably forwarded to cabs. I knew all these ids were on google in a pdf so I composed a lengthy mail from start to finish along with the screenshots of the various proofs etc. Atleast someone listened…someone.

The next morning I got a call from someone from ola cabs saying that they had received my complaint. First I gave him an earful about the whole issue and how they had made a joke of this issue courtesy their liars. The person then told me that in outstation rides its not possible to edit destinations and billings are on original destination kms. The idiot liars could have given me this info in the 1st instance but no, clueless idiots wasting so much time. The person who was talking to me also started to give me the training room excuses , “ We understand your inconvenience, we are sorry etc. etc. crap “ ( तुम्हारी 2 पैसे की औकात नहीं है मामला समझ के सुलझाने का… )“ .

I am thankful to ola money who helped me out so much although the original matter regarding ride billing and dispute was not theirs to get involved into but they still did what they did. In case you get stuck just like I did, contact ola money… maybe they would help you out. Whichever cab provider you take in India don’t trust them to resolve your issues cause 2 पैसे की औकात नहीं है इनकी..

Deaf and blind Ola cabs didn`t listen , Ola money helped Deaf and blind Ola cabs didn`t listen , Ola money helped Reviewed by Shwetabh on 11:23:00 PM Rating: 5


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