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The day the rickshwallah said " Go your girlfriend is waiting" ....

We come across so many incidents in life which truly put so many smiles on our face whenever we think of it...this incident is a small one in a chain of events which happened with me when i was in jaipur doing in mba...ah !!!! what days then... that particular day i really came to know that how even an ordinary bread owner can forgo something for something which does not relate to him in any way.. and that day i also started believing in luck and staying the ground untill i could do that .... that was an eventful sunday for me.

I just did not know but something had really upset my mood on that particular day...after the usual sunday, i just decided to go to see a movie which was 13 kms from my hostel and thew irony to the whole fact that i did not go to the one which was just 10 minutes from my hostel gates. I was damn disturbed so i decided to go and watch " Jab we Met". I did not have the ticket, didnt care about the weather ( damn hot) , didnt think it was a sunday and very less chance of me getting the ticket. I knew the price of the ticket only. I started my journey just 90 minutes before the start of the show...I had to board the bus, reach there , buy the ticket and all in this time only.

I boarded the bus and sat peacefully. Called up some friends and asked for the show timimgs. It was 6.15 p.m. and i was there in the bus at 5.10 p.m. and still a long way off. When i thought that i might make it on time , then a bolt from the blue and the bus developed a snag and got stuck. ands i was cursing beneath my breath. I just did not want to miss out on the movie anyhow. After a total of 15 minutes the bus started and i thanked god. The  distance between the drop point and the hall was not more than a mere 600 metres but with time surely not on my side i just could not afford to take the walk to decided to hail a rickshaw. The fare my friends had told me would not cross " 5 rupaiye se ek rupaiya bhi zyada mat dena be". I got down from the bus at the stop and caught the eye of the first rickshahwallah that i met... telling him the location and when i asked the fare, he said "10". Dont know what came into my mind and i said to him.... " Dekh Bhai, is waqt meri jeb mein 5 ka sikka hai change, wahaan meri girlfriend ticket liye khadi hai, main pehle hi late ho chuka hoon, tere chakkar mein zayada time waste hua to wo pakaa jaan le legi..." After 5 seconds he said "theek hai Baitho".
Believe it or not, he covered the distance in 4 minutes flat....when i got down and dug out the coin from my pocket he refused it saying, " Girlfriend Intezaar kar rahi hai na?? Jaao".... Now that was truly unbelievable....and the fact that needs to be kept in mind...i had no gf...that was a fluke for the time... Shock no. 1. Now i received the second shock when i went upto the line...only one window for guys and gals and that too crowded....with time running out it seemed like ages before i would move even an inch. As the line started to move i started hearing rumours which are prevalent with every superhit more tickests, all sold out etc... On any ordinary day, i would have left as soon as Iheard these things but that day my mid was really not working and i thought to hang in there and try and i was sure i would go back to the hostel even if i had to catch the late night show... the person at the counter was refusing tickets at will, dont know what happened when i came to the counter...i came to the counter and asked for a ticket of the show which was to start then..he asked me for the price of the ticket which was the next class price...i had the cash ready and i got the ticket.. others lost out and i got it...

That day so many unexpected things happened that i was totally clueless..totally awed....even after so many years i dont know what should look forward to from that day? The line by the rickshawallah, the "just hang in there buddy" attitude of mine , or the reaction from my hostelmates when they learned that i had gone to watch a movie all alone and returned so late...i am still searching for my answers even to this day...
The day the rickshwallah said " Go your girlfriend is waiting" .... The day the rickshwallah said " Go your girlfriend is waiting" .... Reviewed by Shwetabh on 6:15:00 PM Rating: 5

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