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Awesomely sweet...

A sweet conversation between a boy and a girl after breakup…

Girl: Ur new GF is pretty…( thinks in mind , is he really pretty than me??)

Boy : Ya she is…( thinks, but u r still d most beautiful gal I know…)

Girl: I heard that she is funny and amazing !!( all the stuff that I wasn`t)

Boy: Sure she is ( but she is nothing compared to you..)

Girl : Well I hope u both last…!! (v never did)

Boy: I hope too…. ( What happened to me and u…?????)

Girl: well I gotta go…. (b4 is start to cry …. :-( )

Boy: Ya me too… ( I hope u don’t cry….)

Girl: Bye ( I still love u and miss u badly )

Boy : C u later ( I`ll never stop loving u….never dear !!)

Love is always beautiful when it is true…!! 

Never let it go…its not easy to get !!
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