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Love or arranged marriage??? The question just goes on...

This question implies the classic war going on between the two ways of getting married or the one most preferred. The experienced generation goes in for the arranged way but the young blood prefers love.... what do i prefer??? I would go in for love for sure, but would be damn excited if can get it as "love cum arranged"... my heart says just love a person and then bring her into your life forever...tough task doing it the other way round, then it seems as a compulsion as in now you have to, no matter what.

What sets me against arrange marriages??? The fact of the girl being paraded all dressed up before an unknown family, asking the groom to choose her if he likes her, the girl is absolutely reduced to a mere exhibition item everytime she is refused for some reasons. She also has a heart , some feelings, she also gets hurts when rejected , doesn`t she have a right to choose, after sometime she also begins to think that there maybe some fault with her  for the reason that she is not accepted. The fear of being accepted in a totally unknown family scares her to an extent. Some might say the alternative is to pick and choose from the hundreds of photos. The result there is also the same and how can one can choose a person or decide to meet just by looking at a  picture? Even the most gorgeous angels have an attitude problem and even the most simple looking girls are total stunners....

You also cant list out the various qualities you would like in a girl and then go out on a hunt mission to find `the one`. Majority of times you cant put your feelings in words, so cant explain what you are looking as some qualities you can only see by looking but they dont come to your mind when asked... When it takes time to make friends , how is it possible that you can choose a partner in maximum 2 meetings.. Depending on the time untill the marriage takes place, you`ll have to use up your spare time to know about him/her on the phone... unecessary shyness and courtesy , minds would be forced to "fill in the necessary details" , the talks would become more of a standard procedure than a natural process... and thats what i dont like about arranged marriages...

Love marriage is what is the world to me. It gives me the power to be me with someone damn special, the person who reached my heart , made me feel that i cant live without her, the person who has seen the extremes of my mood swings and even then stood by myside, the person who is my best friend in the whole world and the best support system , an irresistable aura which makes her only mine....err..... thinnk i should stop now,,,,this is so much that the space would eventually finish but not the feelings, the emotions.. and everyone who reads this would vouch for the fact that each and every word here is true..  
In comparison to arranged, atleast you know the person from the bottom of the heart, might be that you must have kept away your most sensitive side away for post marriage but this would do....its cool... Making it into a love cum arranged takes it into a whole new level. The boy knows the importance of the girl in his life , the importance of love, the importance of that Yes from the girl first and then from BOTH  families, you know your efforts have borne fruits, too sweet for diabetic people but who cares about them?? The boy just goes extra sensitive and caring now and the girl becomes more relaxed..

Love gives you the power to tide over any adversity...because you know the person for whom you are doing all this is standing by your side, every second , every moment... They all say that the love in love marriages is diluted after the first few years but i challenge that its you who has to keep the romance alive in your marriage..Agreed, getting the girl of your choice is an Acomplishment but the further Enchancement is in your hands. Getting your "Love" in your marriage is the most special thing to happen to that person... the ones who are still single want their love to become their life partner... in exchange, even if you ask for all their beloved things they`ll happily give you their everything.....just for that ONE person. Thats the power of a person, the power of love, the happiness of getting one and only dream fulfilled...

The love in a love marriage would give it an edge, everytime !!!
Love or arranged marriage??? The question just goes on... Love or arranged marriage??? The question just goes on... Reviewed by Shwetabh on 4:28:00 PM Rating: 5


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  2. Not an expert but the fact that these things come to me naturally as i write only what my heart tells me...
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