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Delhi diaries : The day i almost got kidnapped or Kidnapped.......

Few moments come in everybody`s life which either become the turning point of their lives or the most humorous ones. The main headline of this post might have have you in shock initially but the incident , although a small one would surely bring a smile to your faces. It all happened one delhi night. I was returning from office and was supposed to get down at Govindpuri metro station and wait for my mamaji to come and pick me up..

He knew of the time i used to reach there and told me to wait untill he came there to pick me up. He was a classic case of who comes first waits... So i got down from the station and glanced towards the road and saw a white Dzire parked there ( same as mine) and in the same spot as my mamaji used to park without the headlights. So i got to the road , opened the front door and sat on the seat. I said to mamaji " Chaliye", threw my back on the backseat and reclined my seat a little. After few moments i realised that the dashboard was different and the car was not moving at all, i thought that maybe he was busy on the phone. A voice then startled me " Wo to theek hai magar aapko jaana kahaan hai?"......  Then i looked towards the person next to me and saw that he was another one. I said to myself aloud , " Gaadi to wahi hai yeh andar se kaise change ho gayi?"... to which he replied , " wo isliye bhai sahaab kyunki yeh meri hai". Then it occurred to me that the vehicle make was the same, colour was the same but the number plate was not as it was some another car and i had boarded it thinking it to be mine. Then i told him the whole situation and he also had a hearty laugh. I got down saying sorry to him. That person must be around 32 years of age and by the looks of it was married.

When i got down , after 10 seconds mama came and the first question which i put up , " Aap 30 second pehle nahin aa sakte they kya?". Confused he asked me the reason and i told him. When we got moving, i waved my " Kidnapped person " by hand gestures that this was my car and he too nodded and smiled... For the first time till home both me and my mamaji had a more than hearty laugh talking about the condition that person must have been on realising in the few moments that he had been virtually kidnapped.  I was thinking what i should consider myself?? The alleged kidnapper or the target ?? the same situation was being thought of about that hapless chap.. Breaking the news home, all had a cool comedy show.... everybody had a healthy dose of laughter. 

Since that day, few rules have changed... although mamaji still never uses the headlights to signal the position of the car when he comes to pick me up, but i first look at the number plate before i get into it....eachtime, everytime..... cause i really dont know what ransom to take even if i kidnap one by mistake again....
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