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Signs to Know She Loves You

Given below are some ways to know if she likes you and wants to carry on a long-term relation with you: 

* If she cares for you and always take interest in your activities then she truly loves you. 

* If you come to know from her family and friends that she often brags about you shows her love for you. 

* If a girl tries to get closer to you by touching your hands, shoulders or cheeks means she likes you. 

* If she keeps staring you when the conversation is on depicts that she likes you and want to say something but is shy of that. 

* When a girl blushes on your talks and keep praising you in front of your friends then she loves you. 

* When a girl does not respond to the messages or calls given by you it means she is trying to avoid you. 

* If she doesn't want to declare it in public or make some excuses when caught by your close friend in public by saying, “ he's my friend”, shows her disinterest in you. 

* If she never praises you and keeps counting flaws in you means she's trying to dissolve the relation by taking these flaws as the base. 

* A girl is deeply in love with a guy is she accepts his family no matter how they are. 

* When she talks to you very nicely after a long time means she is in need of you and is talking to you merely for your company as she has no other solution. 

* If she always encourage and motivate you to go ahead with your plans then she is an ideal lover and is sincerely attached with what you want from your life. 

* If she wants to spend some time with you and want to help you out in every project or assignment means her love for you.
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