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Red is exciting, stimulating and sensuous. Use it to grab attention and communicate strength. But use it wisely, as it can be distracting and tiring.

A red tie for a man can project power; a red dress or suit for a woman can denote a very strong character and may be too vigorous for a meeting where a calm atmosphere is essential.

Pink on the other hand is feminine, soft and delicate for women, friendly and warm for men in shirts and ties. Go with red for power and pink for delicacy.

Pink is feminine, soft and delicate

Lovely for evening, pink and other pastels are also good for work shirts and blouses to wear with darker suits. Young girls should avoid wearing pastel dresses if they want credibility in the workplace. 

Orange is a cheerful, invigorating, warm and exotic colour. Best worn in darker, spicy shades and earthy colour combinations for work, it conveys richness, creativity and uniqueness.Glorious in beautiful silks and saris, it brings out the best in caramel skin tones.

Orange is a cheerful, invigorating, warm and exotic colour. Orange's parent shade yellow is always sunny, bright and uplifting. Use it to create a sense of excitement, newness and fun outside work as a sporty and evening colour.A man's yellow tie can give a flash of colour but ladies, if possible, avoid it in large quantities for work.

Green is quiet, peaceful and gives a restful feeling. It suggests cleanliness, wellbeing and organic, especially with white. Teal, an exquisite blue-green can convey sturdiness, elegance and endurance. 

Blue is wonderfully cool, serene, sincere, trustworthy. A conservative colour, loved by nearly everyone, blue conveys value, reliability, loyalty and dependability. It is no accident that it is the most popular colour for business people's shirts and suits, politicians' ties, airline uniforms and interview attire. 

Purple, a close but grander relative of blue, projects luxury, royalty, spirituality and ceremony.Purple shirts and ties are more creative, beloved by the PR, artistic and graphics crowd. 

Use Black to suggest power and dominance as well as elegance and sophistication. Black suggests power and dominance

Grey is conservative, businesslike and intelligent and brown is perceived as strong, reassuring, powerful and inspires confidence. Again, it looks best in textured fabrics and rich Indian prints.

Your colours speak volumes about you. Use the wrong colours and you can convey the opposite message to the one you intend. If you want to claim a high level position, better not wear yellow, orange or red.

Navy, black, charcoal or mid grey will be more likely to get you to the next interview for a position in a conservative company. Blue and white shirts are always safe choices and a red tie gives a powerful flash of colour. These are international business guidelines. You might take heed if you want to get ahead. 
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