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Friendship: How it all started with Rahul Saini

Rahul saini – He is India`s different writer in my opinion and his story of should I say friendship with me goes back some 6 years and that too started very differently. So sharing with you the story how it all started and how I have seen him where he is today.. his writing no doubt is a breath of fresh air.

It all started with my MBA days in Jaipur in 2008. Book fair was one place where I used to go regularly. As I was going through one of the stalls, the cover of a book caught my attention. The colour was soothing to the eye as well as the design. The line was also a bit amusing which described it, 
“Have you ever known a guy who would gift his girlfriend soap?". Those small little things in life and love ( his 1st book) felt quite different. Back in my hostel when I started reading it, I was literally blown away, the incidents seemed so close to my life. It seemed like someone had taken a pen and penned down my life right there and then. That was the era of Orkut, Facebook was still in the nascent stages so I joined the community of the book and wrote to Rahul about what I felt about the book. Strangely enough…he replied. I used to call his book ( and still do) “ The mix of Dil Chahta Hai and the romance of yashraj ( the same line he wrote in the description of the community). From there on a bond of friendship just started unknowingly.

The poster of the First book that I have sent by him

The handwritten letter

The original packing still intact

He is / will be the first and only person who sent me 2 posters of his book by courier and a handwritten letter. Even after 6 years all that is intact with me (the packing is still there in the same manner as it was 6 years back). I loved his book so much that I gifted the same to my best friend on her birthday. Its another matter that I had to search majority of Jaipur for that copy. For many years he used to receive my messages with the line, " Your 1st book is still in bookstores" (even after the launch of the later titles).

When his 2nd book was undergoing writing, I was probably the first few lucky ones to read the sample draft and give my suggestions. (Just like in the movies).

Autographed copy of the Orange Hangover

He came to delhi for the launch of the 3rd book (The Orange Hangover) and I knew that I had to meet him anyhow this time. With location being Ambience Mall, Gurgaon and no chance of me getting an early leave from office, I had to make up the excuse of family medical emergency to move from there. Landed at the venue after making past Gurgaon`s nightmarish traffic woes. I had already finished the book and wanted to hear him speak about the story. When the book signing session was over and I introduced myself, there was a beam of happiness on his face. He introduced me to his friend saying, “He is my biggest critic. I hope he likes what I write, always keep my fingers crossed while I wait for his views”. His autograph on my copy is the most treasured one (besides the one from Manreet Someshwar).

The only promise he hasnt kept since then is a Delhi book launch after this. 2 books came after that but he hasnt come to Delhi for the launches... Grrr.. अच्छी बात नहीं है .

I have read all the books he has come out with. The best being the debut one. Nothing can beat that one. I don’t know how do people term books as best sellers by the numbers, for me its always have been stories which touch the heart as the "best sellers"... be it romantic, something to which you can relate to and stuff like that. I have termed Rahul`s books as something which everyone should read... they carry a bit of friendship, cute romance and things like that without resorting to drastic needs of the other things to write. I have always placed guarantees on his books whenever I have recommended it to my friends that , " पसंद न आये तो मैं पैसे दूंगा तुझे किताब के " and you can guess which one I tell them to read... The very first one because the emotions in it would never grow old or go out of fashion. I have been more vocal to him with my demands in the next books ( मम्मी जी वाला part और लिखना, छोटू कुत्ता गबरू young कहाँ है etc. )

More than the books its the equation with him as a friend / reader/ Critic (his word, not mine) that makes me feel nice as he really tries to understand what makes it tick. What started simple as an interaction some 6 years back has turned into a bond I treasure..

Waiting for his next one and yes a photo with him.......
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