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Thank you - 2

So months back I wrote a Indiblogger thank you post which left me all emotionally drained and misty eyes. With over 24+ friends mentioned there it was one of the most tough personal post I had ever written. The replies I got afterwards from friends and Indi itself really made my day as I don’t think that anyone would have attempted anything like that before and only I knew that this was not the end, I only needed time to recharge before I went about finishing this post really. So in the cold January morning with really chilling fingers I get down to say it all over again to friends and people who were left out in the 1st instance- Thank you..

As it is a continuing post, there are instances to friends who have already been mentioned in the 1st part, you can look up here if you get confused..

The rules are the same as the first time, scroll down to your name and see to it what I have to say.

Anupama Mazumdar- The soft spoken friend of mine. Damn sweet lady, the quiet one types but she can surprise you with sudden appearances at meets. She really knows how to fulfill promises made. Her smile would brighten up your day , no matter what. The moment she would be there, there would be liveliness all around.

Dr. Manoj/ Dr. Mandira- The travelling Dr. couple. Met Dr. Sahab at the B bar meet and his better half at the Asus meet. The duo who know how to manage their work and travel, extensive travelers. He`s the sweetest Dr. I have come across while she`s the most sweetest one..look like a newly-fallen-in-love couple. Being sweetest doesn’t mean that its all that sweet. Probably the biggest pranksters in my group and all the pranks are organized/played by Dr. Sahiba herself. The lifeline of my group.

Indu- The 1st hindi poetess I met long back at the Ambipur meet. I remember very well her intro in Hindi as at that time she was the one who gave her intro in Hindi as well as told the audience that she was a poetess. I was at that time looking after poets at that time so remember it all. Her poems are on a variety of subjects which would make you hold time still and read them all. A soft spoken lady in reality.

Mv Priyank- The instance when you really hit off with a person normally and slowly slowly realize that what an amazing person he is. Been really lucky to meet him at the various instances and he has just wowed me with the amount of warmth, knowledge he has. Meeting him everytime is like meeting an old friend. A highly knowledge person who believes in sharing with the same passion. Some of the memorable videos in the Captivating series on my blog were first shared by him.

Nishant- The “filmi keeda”. He is what I call the lite version of Murtaza. The different person who is all about movies and humour. On any stressful day just watch him go all humorous with status updates, movie reviews and everything related with movies. This is what I call the perfect stressbuster.

Rahul Prabhakar- He knows how to balance worklife and blogging world and I wonder how does he does it? The regular at indi meets just like me, he knows how to blend in the atmosphere accordingly. He can talk on business matters and then immediately change gears to go all of a sudden on another topic. His meet experiences are damn crisp and short, can write on a variety of subjects/topics.

Shaivi- Let me admit it..I have met her only on a limited number of meets but she is so full of life and her smile is so amazing. She really talks through her blog “shaivi ka funda” and I am a huge fan of it. Partly because her writing really takes a person into another world and the tone is so simple and partly because she and me both share some common interests. Really remember her Gutargun post she wrote some time back. With her shifting base to Mumbai now, I would really miss her in Delhi.

Poonam ji- The better half of Alok Vats…well she completes him actually. They both are an awesome team together. She really has that convincing and persuading power to get you to do things or else put you in so much doubt that you`ll actually end up trying nevertheless. Softspoken and once she`s at ease with you, she`ll answer all your silly, doubtful questions with ease. Really understands the doubt you have and would clarify. Might not look from the outside but she`s an absolutely technically knowledgeable person. The decision of me having my own domain name was all her doing. She can travel distances to meet people at meets notwithstanding any illness she might have.

Yogita- The first tech related female blogger I met. She is a tech blogger fully into SEO and related stuff but that doesn’t mean that I haven`t learnt anything from her. Her articles about technology and blogs can let you try out new things because they are simple and cover the basic aspects. Apart from the tech side, she`s been one of the talkative, fun loving , yet confused girl. (still remember her antics at a movie theatre). Damn happy that I met her.

Prachi- She`s so bubbly that I can safely crown her the Preity Zinta of my friend circle. Can talk for hours and hours nonstop. Celebrates life fully. Mostly and very easily found at meets, launch events but is an equally studious one. She`s damn deadly when she is with Priyanka Dey. I swear I have seen her sarcastic+humourous side then. They both are to be kept at a safe distance then (just kidding). She has a very emotional side which very few people get to see.

Ritu Lalit- Met her way back in my 2nd Indi meet (HP) and since then its been a very long time to actually meet her in person. The limelight moment for me was when she copied Sunny deol`s dancing style at one of the meets. I got to know her really during the TATA Goa trip. She has an abundance of energy and also a quick sense of humour. Takes whatever little time she gets to catch it up all on her reading. With a thousand things to occupy her, I need to learn it all from her how to do it all. There`s so much to learn from her that I really cant put that in words. 

Heena- Have not really met her in person but really need to. She`s a magic when there is a camera in her hand. Captures frames, emotions, scenes so beautifully that I sometimes loose the track of time. The little girl who is crazy about birds especially. 

The following people from this point onwards are a part of the TOP 50 as they were called during the Goa trip and I prefer to address them that way as there were very few whom I could get to know really personally in the limited time we had but they all were amazing and that trip, experiences, memories would not have been so memorable without them. So starting specifically with the few ones whom I got to know a bit or even more-

Arun Prabhudesai- I would call him my TOPGUN Instructor. My team mate during the Zest test drive. I tell you that I have not met anyone…like anyone who is so good a teacher. The perfect guru who taught me how to drive an automatic on the Goan roads allaying my driving fears and pushing me to give it a try. Maybe it was because of him that I enjoyed my trip so much that day. Off the driver`s seat in a car, he has so much thirst for technology and e commerce related happenings that I have learnt so much from him…and still doing that.

Roshan Radhakrishnan – Another Dr. Sahab of my group. A perfect author with so many titles to his name that I am amazed. Soft spoken with the best witty self. Has various achievements to his name. Would be sometime before I can fully understand this " खुल जा सिम सिम वाली गुफा "..

Senthilkumar- The person who amazed us all in Goa with the “we met in goa” card. A different way to remember ( By the way, I still have that card all kept away safely). He knows a lot about technology and like me has a liking for Formula 1 and speed. I prefer speed on the other side of the Tv screen. Was the cool, calm and collected of sorts when Narain Kartikeyan had showed up during the trip.. It takes amazing self control to compose yourself..Sir I have to learn this art from you.

Kavi- I always say that I meet different people who have a very different writing style than me. His writing has so much depth. The tone of his writing is all quiet with each word sinking into you and making its presence felt. Like like gentle steam water sinking into the crevices of rocks. He can say so much in so little words that many a times I have re-read what he has written over and over again. He seems to be just like the introvert boy who would like the words to do the talking. ( Believe me , he is not so introvert).

Nivedith- The social media RCB guy. हाँ वो ही IPL वाली टीम. Its his trademark RCB shirt that he wears whenever he goes to events so that makes him instantly recognizable. A hardcore technology person who has tons of knowledge and also a huge fan and follower base on twitter. He is the 1st name which strikes the mind whenever there is any issue/question related about technology and related stuff. Wanted to know that whether he met Katrina Kaif during the IPL or not when she was the ambassador ?? A great guy.

Rekha kakkar- Arey wah ji she is fab. A food loving, foodie photographer blogger who has bundles of energy. Her food clicks can make any person go hungry in nano seconds. I am thinking that if companies like Horlicks and Complan see her clicks then they`ll scrap all the advertising and instead hire her to showcase food through her photos and believe me the moms then would have no problems की उनका बच्चा ठीक से खाता नहीं है.. अभी भी वक़्त है इनको बुला लो रे.. Would thank Ritu ji that I got to know her just because of her.

Ankita Vadhel and Anand – They are the people working behind the scenes at Blogadda to make everything go so smooth and perfect whether be it any campaign or any event. That trip would have not been so awesome had they been not the backend managing things. If you think that things go well down to the last detail everytime you can be rest assured that they both and their team is working tirelessly to achieve that perfection.

Harish Krishnan - My 1st point of contact and interaction at Blogadda. He`s available with all the help, queries, doubts 24x7 regarding everything that goes on at Blogadda. The Goa trip was my 1st instance with Blogadda and such a different event and it all concluded so beautifully that its still etched in memory. Once he gets to know you, will push you to your limits to try out new things and believe me that you`ll love it. 

Blogadda- I started my blogging journey with Indiblogger and Blogadda is making me try new things which I have not tried before. A car test drive, a journey of writing a story while working with complete strangers, pushing your existing boundaries to new horizons, car review events and many more hopefully to come in the future. I decided to give it a try and it surely has led me to new paths I must say and you need a Delhi office seriously now.

Aseem- My room mate during the Goa trip. Just like me a person who is excited to try new things and at the same time is lazy too. Can pen up blogposts just like that and I am left wondering, “ How did he do that”. Goa had not been the same without him as we had discussions. Laughs, early morning beach strolls. Now settled abroad, I guess it would be a number of years before I see him soon..

Worthy mentions are the following people too- Hemantkumar, Keyur, Shashank, Hrish, Stephan, Seema Rao, Vidya ji. Its just that I am still learning more about them/from them.

The 1st part of this concluding post had the finale with 2 people but this time I am ending it with the Top 4 ladies. Its been a tough choice and then I thought that I`ll not prioritize anything. If you find your name and too little about yourself, just think that my emotions have choked my words.

Sushmita Malakar- The chanced treasure I found during the same TATA trip. Willing to try out new things, the quest to know more , have fun, be humorous and what not. She`s the one who talks as well as listens. Her blog continues to throw up surprises at regular intervals.

Manjulika- Ok before I start let me have a hearty laugh.. हा हा ही ही हो हो.. ओके,हो गया. The girl whom I met courtesy an Indi meet and I very well remember how pissed off she used to remain with my writing style when I mixed up Hindi and English both in my descriptive narratives. Don’t know whether she noticed the same in this one too or not? हम नहीं सुधरेंगे.. As time passed on got to know that she is a very much travelled person and somewhere down the line her and mine thoughts meet quite a lot. The TATA event helped me bond with her more. A damn cool girl who teaches me something or the other unknowingly whenever I meet her. Just be beware of her sarcasm. Makes friends very very easily. The perfect ice breaker.

Ekta Khetan- The girl full of sunshine as I got to know her during the start of my blogging journey. Can really really handle writing about various things with the same ease as ever. She`s the “silent reader”. She notices everything I write, reads everything I write, not letting me know and then all of a sudden when there would be a gap of posts, suddenly she would send a message “ Why are you not writing, you haven`t written any poetry since days,posts have vanished etc. “ and then I`ll realize that ok so I was under surveillance all along this time. She can brighten up your dull mood in no time.. shhh… she has magic I am telling you. Now shifted to Mumbai and I do miss meeting her now.

Renu Sethi- Alright so how and from where do I start about her? Let me try. She`s fantabolous. An exact copy of me I can say safely. The bubbly lady who can change her moods but one thing remains constant is her cheerful voice and an ever present smile. I call her my 2nd in command ( the name which I gave to her during the story writing campaign by blogadda). She can get nervous, hyper in the same way as I do sometimes so basically this might be one of the reason why she connects so well with me is that I can easily gauge her reaction. I have never compared my friends but she is the peppier version of Devashree Birari. Renu`s like an inquisitive little girl who wants to know यह कैसे होता है, वो कैसे होता है ? Promise her something and she wont rest pestering you until she has it. An awesome romance writer (the trait which I discovered during the activity) , she can make you believe in candy floss romances. Don’t know whether others know it or not but she is very very emotional. If she is on the verge of tears, then its very tough to stop her. I just pray that she keeps smiling always.

Covering 50+ friends in total is never easy but I think that I did my job well saying Thank you to all those mattered in someway or the other. I hope that I could convey all my feelings and emotions towards each and everyone. Thank you for being there.
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  1. Really sweet of you, Shwetabh. Truly appreciate your putting me on your list. Thank you.

  2. Will comment properly as soon as I stop smiling and start thinking :D

  3. Thank you so much Shwetabh bhai for all the good words about my better half :)

  4. लो जी मेरा version भी आ गया :) Thanks Shwetabh at least for remembering me :)

  5. Wow.. this is such a cool post. So many awesome bloggers tagged in one single post :D
    Thanks man... lets keep the friendship going and get Harish to take us all to Goa once more :D

  6. That is so so sweet. ...Cheers to this friendship! and I am indeed a prankster he ha ha ha 😀😀

  7. That is very generous of you. Thank you Shwetabh! Look forward to staying connected! Honoured!

  8. Absolutely great work Shwetabh!!! Agree with Doc lets get Blogadda to take us to a road trip again! :P

  9. Kya baat bhai, what a post :D. It's an honour being tagged among so many fantastic bloggers who I look up to :).

    The BlogAdda trip was truly a trip of a lifetime to connect, interact and learn from each other.

    Sitting at night on Twitter and finding the room to be so cold even after switching of the AC was quite fun ;).

  10. How sweet. I am silent observer..true! :)