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TATA #Bolt: The Gamechanger

The TATA Bolt..the upcoming new offering from TATA motors. It’s a hatchback that has been packed with a lot of power. I was lucky enough to visit the Bolt Arena at Saharaganj Lucknow and get a early feel that what`s its about the car. So let me tell you how I define this car- It’s the Tata Zest in a much smaller package and a bit easy on the pocket. If you missed out on the TATA Zest due to any chance , here`s redemption time as TATA have used the same technology in the Bolt too.

So here are some features which would be the gamechanger for TATA in the Hatchback segment-

1. Engine / Modes

Its what really drives the car around- The heart. It has a 1.2L Revotron Engine which gives it a power of 84 BHP. The Diesel Variant would be a 1.3L Quadrajet engine giving a power of 75 BHP. Some people might not know that the Revotron engine used in this has been developed under the supervision of Narain Karthikeyan, India`s first Formula 1 driver. With this you can be rest assured that you would be getting the maximum power out of the machinery without compromising on the mileage. 

When it comes to mileage- there are 3 available modes (Same as Zest)- Economy, City (or cruise mode) and Power. As the name suggests the max fuel efficiency would be with the Economy mode, for city driving use the Cruise mode so as to balance between power and fuel efficiency. Power mode is useful for that burst of energy on long empty stretches of road when you feel that you need to floor that accelerator just a bit more to go into that Need for Speed mode.


No carmaker of today compromises today on safety and the Bolt is no exception. With such power modes available in the bolt and the other cars of today, safety becomes of paramount importance. To address the point of safety, the BOLT comes with ABS, Airbags and seat belts for the passengers.


Sometimes you can hear people talk about the “बड़ी वाली गाड़ी” (the big car) not because it’s a showoff, mainly most of the times its because of the perception that a big car means more leg room space and comfortable sitting for the occupants of the car. With hatchbacks its always a issue to find that perfect comfortable car and that has been taken care by the Bolt. There is enough room for the people sitting in the front as well as the back. I had apprehensions first about the room available for the people sitting at the back but later on tried and believe me that there is comfortable leg space for a 5`7” person like me. Its spacious and comfortable. With 210 litres of boot space that should be enough for your belongings. Want more?? Just fold the back seats and you get more.

Might look small but has a lot of legspace


The steering wheel has everything at your fingertips with the music system controls and the other ones too integrated into the wheel. The finish is all smooth all around with occupants comfort being kept in mind. As with this angled handrest which I noticed ( was there in the Zest too), the level of comfort with all things at the comfortable level as opposed to the horizontal one we are used to seeing in most of the hatchbacks.


5. Entertainment

Who wants a boring drive on the roads. To make sure that you don’t get bored and enjoy the ride to the fullest there is the Harman Kardon system for entertainment with voice recognition features to make sure that the car follows your commands related to infotainment and you don’t have to use the buttons to use it. The Map Navigation system is one feature that has been integrated into the car and now you don’t have to spend those extra bucks to buy one for the car.


The Bolt is all a compact car and does not take up much road space. The styling is further enhanced by the awesome grill design and the smoke screen head lamps. The curves of the car and the design of the headlamps is eye catching. The car seems to stay true to its name – Bolt. Small yet powerful like lightning.

The main reason why I feel that TATA Bolt would be a gamechanging hatchback because it has all the features of the Zest Sedan at the price of the hatchback. When you can get so much at so less a price, why would you leave it? Will you? I would surely love to get my hands on its test drive.

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