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Blogadda: The #SecondChance at life..

Life and its so called second chances..the word second chance looks good in computer games because you know that you can always restart from the point where you failed so that you can set the things straight and complete the thing in the way that you really want it. Why only computer games you might ask…because life in reality doesn’t give you a second chance to relieve all that you missed or are not able to do it because of say lack of time. A lot of dreams and wished die an unnatural death because there is no second chance in life. What is gone, has gone forever for it would never come back again. Still there are some hopes and wishes which can be fulfilled if given just another chance. If life gave me a second shot at things, there are the 3 things that I would love to strike off from my wishlist forever –

1. A world trip

If someone had asked me this question a few years back, this option would have been not in my list ever because at that time I had not started travelling that much. Not the things have changed a lot after my travelling experiences in Kashmir, Kerala, Himachal, Punjab etc. I have met quite a lot of people, explored so many beautiful places within the country itself that I now want to expand the boundary internationally. Travelling can be an awesome stressbuster, a perfect drug if you know how to use it to the fullest extent possible. There are so many beautiful nations across the globe that I really want to spread my footprints on the international area. Some for the beauty they provide in terms of nature or architecture, food, culture etc. There is so much to see and explore that its tough to put that down in exact words.

2.  See a book by my name.

A lot of my friends push me to do this because they know I can write a bit. Yes, I can write a bit. I do pour out my emotions a lot of times on paper or on the blog, sometimes real, sometimes in disguise. Those who know me really well detect the real story. I wish to someday see a book by my name which has all the emotions about friendship and love etc. without adhering to the so called market. I don’t want to write for the market, something which needs to be catered to the demand…nopes. I wish to write the emotions in a book where I don’t have to worry about these things. It would not matter that how many books do get printed eventually. I wish to write only by the heart, for the heart.

3. Adopt a zoo animal.

A lot of zoo in the country have this scheme where people can adopt any animal for a year and the zoo takes care of the food, health, upkeep of the animal. At a time where the natural habibat of these animals is being destroyed by the concrete jungles, I would love to adopt a pair of birds…they remind me of my pet parrot. Isnt it time we showed them the same love and care we show to the pets at our homes.

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