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The Inspiring blog award

ओये तेरी.. अब यह क्या है? These were the exact words going on in my mind when I came across this award on my blog. Had enough of Leibster awards so this was a welcome change. I really had to know the reason from Sandhya of her finding my blog inspiring and I got it.

Fairly simple, I need to tell 7 things about myself and then nominate 15 people whose writing I feel inspiring-

1.  I am both shy and talkative depending on whether I know the person or not. Can talk nonstop as well as withdraw into a shell at the same time.

2. Love planning and executing total surprises for my best friends. Once I get my mind on something, they have no clue and I get it done...come what may.. Distances don’t matter to me then.

    3. A chatpata foodie who loves to try new foods but nothing feels good until I can have that bit of chatpata flavour to it. Notorious for destroying natural flavours of dishes at home with the chatpata flavours.

   4. Camera and nature go hand in hand with me. When at scenic places, either I would be staring at the horizon oblivious to the surroundings around me or would just keep on clicking pics in order to get that natural shot perfectly.

   5. A complete gaming freak. Depending upon what game and what stage I am on, I can stay awake late into the night and early morning just to finish a particular stage.

   6. At home when I am totally free you can find me in my toy room playing with my old toys, action figures and reading all the comics I have. I like to relive my childhood. 

   7. Have a considerable amount of novels which gets added up once in a while. The genre ranges from War, military fiction to Indian fiction, romance. The list just goes on increasing...dont know when it would stop.

So now here are the 15 people I would nominate –

1.      Sushmita Malakar 

2.      Renu Sethi  

3.      Kavi  

4.      Manjulika  

5.      Sakshi Nanda 

6.     Poonam Khanduja  

7.     Indu Singh 

8.     Murtaza 

9.     Arun Prabhudesai

10.   Roshan 

11.   Shashank 

13.   Rekha Kakkar

14.   Vidya 

15.   Dr. Mandira 

Phew..हो गया  the end... Now the reason of my award. I don’t write too inspiring or better in general ( by my reckoning) but others have other idea. The winner of this award is the Heroes series I pen down- the one dedicated solely to the armed forces. 

Due to this series, Sandhya thought this award should go to me because I am putting up the forces infront of the public in my own way. Thank you Sandhya for this.

A civilian is happy and a solider...humbled. 

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