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Mahima... The awesomest friend I got

How many times you come across a girl and felt that you should have met her earlier ?? I might be spoilt for choice but one name about which I am damn sure and definite is – Mahima…maahi for short. Yep, she sure shares this name with the Indian cricket captain and is also cool like him but that’s where the similarities end. Behind that sweet, innocent friend of mine is a damn naughty and mischievous girl I am yet to discover fully. I just hope that I don’t become the target of all her mischiefs when we meet.

Well meeting her is just like a Kumbh mela. No, she doesn’t meet after 12 years on purpose. Infact she hasn’t met me after school but who said that distances can crop up between friends inspite of this? Not the case with her. This sweet, innocent (did I say that again? Let me correct it), mischievous (now its fine) girl is from those lot of friends who are there whenever you are feeling low and need someone to be there for you at your most fragile of times. She just makes sure that I smile as she talks , talks and talks remembering our past school days, memories of those days and all. I have never opened up to any of my schoo lfriends as much as she has been privy to all the happenings and secrets in my life.. The “Swiss Locker” as I term it that way. This girl is so amazing that I am writing a blogpost for her, albeit a small one. 

People can actually call it a testimonial of the bygone orkut area but I don’t care. There are few friends whom you want most to know and she takes the spot for that. Initially I knew her as a quiet girl from my school days. Later on realized that she is although she seems so way, she has a very warm nature. Exactly how you would find a typical Cancerian. Hey Maahi, you are so fab that I am actually running short of words about you, to you ( that’s always the toughest part when I have to write about people). As I look back I realize that its been 14 years since I met you the first time and 12 since our last meeting. The world has surely changed but you`ve surely remained the same friend I gelled well with. Sometimes I feel that maybe days like friendship day started to honor friendship like yours. Do I need such days??Nah…not me. I can make it anyday. These small things are just to let you know that you are a very dear friend of mine , be that way always…always. 

For all of Maahi`s friends in England- She is a rare gem guys (n gals too..). You wont get a better friend than her… I doubt that.. She is the awesomest girl I have known till now. A perfect treasure what I call.

Maahi continue being the awesomest, perfect girl you are.. People don’t get any better than this.

Mahima... The awesomest friend I got Mahima... The awesomest friend I got Reviewed by Shwetabh on 3:17:00 PM Rating: 5

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