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Coca-Cola : Things that make me happy

Coke is all about spreading happiness in the lives of the people. Every person becomes happy in his / her own ways. For some it might be the big things to bring about happiness, for some it might be the small ones, the things which might not seem that important to the others would mean the world to that person. 

So here are the things which make me happy –

1. Hockey – The truly lightning sport I love watching, more in the stadium than on tv itself. Started watching it 11 years back and since then it has kept me hooked in its own way. With no more ads to tolerate every 5 minutes and a whole day to waste as in cricket, it is fast and furious with no relent in energy and speed. Things happen in the blink of an eye and in a matter of minutes. The very first game I watched was the Sultan Azlan Shah game against Pakistan and what a match it was. Drubbing them 7-3 was no mean feat when you consider that their hockey team is way better and dangerous than their cricket one. Every match India plays in the international arena is important to me. The happiness on scoring goals and victory and the heartbreak on every defeat, it all comes to me. Where do those 60 minutes go by, you really don’t know as I keep on shouting on top of my voice while watching it on tv too and it seems that my family has taken to the understanding that this is one sport I`ll watch and if possible go to stadium too to back the team. This is the same to me as cricket is to the others.

2. Speed- When Hockey is there, how can formula 1 be left behind? The sport which makes me sit on the edge of my seat or bed (as the case maybe) for those 90 nonstop minutes where everything happens in the flash of nano seconds. Michael Schumacher`s 4.4 seconds pitstop introduced me to this sport way back in 2002 and since then I have stuck to it like a true devotee. From worshipping Schumacher to Ferrari and then feeling proud to be backing India`s team- Force India. Over the years my happiness in formula 1 is directly related to the progress/ points scored by Force India in every race. I always want them to do better than the other teams /themselves as they are considered as the mid field underdogs and not much of a technical team. I am happy everytime the team ends up scoring points and am ecstatic the 2 times the team has scored podium finishes. Would be the happiest the day I get to hear the National Anthem at the presentation ( the day they come 1st at a race beating other teams).

3. Others- The world considers India to be a force only in cricket. There is a lot more to be achieved otherwise. I become happy the day other sports achieve a milestone or compete against the best keeping in mind the limited resources and opportunities they get. I would celebrate the most when athletes would make it to the main race in the Olympics or better still, win a medal. You could hear me backing every sportsperson out there for all he is worth. I back my teams (not cricket).

4. Nature- A stroll down some trekking path or discovering the beauty of nature without the rush and hustle bustle of daily chaotic life. I feel happy on discovering the undiscovered side of nature without any disturbance and can stare and hear the birds into eternity. Getting lost more than a child , I watch the antics of squirrels playing as I simply lose the track of nature. All in all, it’s the combination of nature and birds which makes me happy.

5. History- When Nature is there, can history be far behind? For me happiness has always been found in discovering history through the various monuments of india as compared to just reading about them in textbooks in school. My happiness loses itself in thinking about the past of the monuments- the time it was built, the purpose of it, how majestic it looks right now and things like these which make my mind wander. While others take selfies around these monuments for pictures, I indulge into history for the time being.

6. Blog- Writing my thoughts and emotions on the blog gives me happiness. The blog is like a slambook to me where I go over what all I have written all these years. Its like a detoxic zone for the mind where I just penning my thoughts without any boundaries. The blog gives me the privacy of sharing with those whom I really want to and keeping it away from the people too. The happiness comes when it really touches the people it was written for. Its just like my very own baby, the one I have seen really grow up before my very own eyes.

7. Defence- This might seem to be quite an unusual topic for many but its special for me in its own way. Every new equipment purchased by the forces brings the same joy to me as if I have got a new toy. When the forces compete with international forces in worldwide exercises and emerge victorious my joy has no bounds. My joy implies that the country is in very safe hands.

8. Reliving childhood- Nothing can match the happiness of reliving the childhood when I dive into the bundles of my comics of Chacha Chaudhary, Pinki and “ accidently” open up the carton of my toys, much to the frustration of my parents. Whether its reading comics, playing with the action figures of GI JOE, playing double player in monopoly and chess or worse…playing badminton with the wall, striking the shuttlecock well into the night as say 1 or even 2 am for example. I do it all….for this bit of happiness.

This is what makes me happy…whats yours??

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