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27coupons: Start saving money on travel

Travel- Something that started happening with me on a bit of a regular basis towards the end of 2013 and since then I have been to quite a lot of places, each different from its own teaching me something or the other everytime. No matter where you go, whether in India or abroad, advance bookings and expenses are 2 of the most important factors for every traveler out there planning his next trip.

People these days go for advance bookings for stay to save themselves the hassles of last minute rush. I myself remember 2 instances of December 2013 in kanyakumari where I saw quite a lot of people hunting for accommodation with their luggage tugging behind and the same scene repeated in Shimla in October 2014. Nothing new you can say but it pays to get your bookings done in advance. The fastest and the all in one place where people prefer to book it is the famous
 Makemytrip. Right down from Flights, Rail tickets to hotels and bus bookings it has it all. A place which has the ease of having all things under one roof. With majority of people using it for flight and hotel bookings, it’s the hot cake sector but not cheap mind you in any case. Every person starts to look for ways to save money but these are few and far in between. What if you get to a place where you can find all this?

Welcome to As the name suggests it’s a coupon site which holds all coupons of makemytrip from all over the internet so that you don’t have to google it all up everytime you are looking for travel. Before I divulge straight into the specific coupons or how to use them, here`s something unique about the site- it pays you to use the coupons. Right from creating an account, signing up to the newsletters to actually using up coupons you are paid points for every usage which can be used later on for redemption. Who said using coupons didn’t pay? Now coming to the travel coupons. It lists all the available makemytrip coupons on its page, which can run into more than one page, depending on the various discounts being offered at that time by various players. The most latest ones would be found at the top alongwith the date when they were offered. The biggest irritating feature I have noticed on other coupon sites is that they don’t mention easily that a particular discount is applicable on which payment mode. You have to read between the fine print to see whether you qualify for this coupon or not. This is not the case with 27coupons. If there is any such condition that mentions the use of any specific bank or card for the coupon to work, its stated in bold caps at the center of the deal so you easily know that its for you or not , thus saving you valuable time. Next, a success % next to the coupon would show you that how much of a success that particular coupon it is in reality. This is so because most people don’t know that a lot of coupons come preloaded with a set number of usage and once its past that, its of no use. So this % proves to be useful.

So the next time you are planning a trip, be sure to check out for the best coupons available at one place, you just don’t know that which one from it might prove to be beneficial for you. I wish that I had known about these in my time so that I too could have saved some money.

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