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My struggles and a new life - #StartANewLife

ChangeSomething we do it willingly and sometimes circumstances make us do it whether we like it or not. My change story is associated with my higher studies, abeit in a new city altogether by myself. The change story is associated with my struggles of my Master`s days and how it changed me and brought about somewhat of an organized and confident person what I am today and when I say that believe me that its not at all that easy, not even a bit in any case.

After my graduation, my desire to get into a Master`s degree took me to MBA and then cracking it was a tough job then and after a bit share of my struggles I secured admission in an institute in Jaipur, it was to be my home for the next 2 years. Having relatives there meant there that I had a backup for support in case I needed any help of any sort. It was the beginning of a new life for me. One fact which needs to be kept in mind is that I had never lived away from my home – Lucknow. It was scary- living so far away and an yet to be experienced hostel life. The scare of the seniors, ragging ( the so called anti ragging law present now was still in fancy stages then. It would claim a lot more lives before the country took it seriously). The hell week started with PDPs (personality development programme- the fancy name for ragging) making life hell for us ( we were 8 people in the hostel). All this was new for me. The only respite was the 4 hours we were having classes, after that it was all about hiding from the seniors as anyone could rag you anywhere. In the institute, it was all interaction but people know what goes in hostels.

At first I was subjected to 1-2 sessions of ragging but then I had to decide how I wanted my life to turn out to be. My studies were getting affected, I was losing out on my sleep ( anything less than 8 hours and my battery used to be down all day). Then I decided to convey my decision to all – I wont indulge in any ragging. Faced with a lot of hostility from all quarters, I stuck my ground. This was the 1st struggle of my new life. This also meant that I couldn’t do the same to my juniors as well. I was ok with it. It was better to live with self dignity than to be subjected to people. I have taken a bit of control of my new life now, a lot needed to be learned on the way. All this had already taught me to handle pressure. The ones backing me were my hostelmates. They used to cover for me. The Lucknow boy who had not stepped out of his home except for travel and vacations was now standing up on his own in an alien city, trying to make his own mark.

With seniors taken care of, I concentrated on my studies, showing off my batchmates that I was a highly tech savy person. When the word spread that I was a masters in computers ( that’s what my batchmates tell me still), I started getting unusual requests from friends and batchmates- Laptop repairs. With a plethora of tricks and softwares with me to correct faults my room used to be filled with laptops of various friends, even girls. Those who couldn’t come to my hostel used to send it through their boyfriends. There are no free lunches in the world so I had my payment terms clear- payment to be made in chocolates, I was satisfying my sweet tooth. Sometimes I used to get a chocolate from somebody, a clear indication that a laptop was on its way. On one instance I was working on 8 laptops simultaneously. He he.

Even after more than 5 years of passing out, I still get tech support requests from friends. My new life taught me a lot of things which I don’t think would have been possible in the normal sense. Became more confident when in a new city altogether, decided that whats wrong and whats not when faced with odds. Had I said yes to ragging few years back and not taken up studies, I would have not been the person I am today. I defied many orders of the seniors, even today they know that I am a person not to be messed with. The boy who used to be afraid travelling from Jaipur to lucknow by train now travels multiple cities by flight sometimes.

Those 2 years during my Masters days taught me a lot. The funda of how you need to start living a new life which can change you for the better as there is something everytime which can be learned to make things more better.

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