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Friends - #together

When life becomes all about earning and living life, we often leave the people behind who once meant a lot to us, sometimes who were an important part of our lives- our friends, the buddies who just fell apart by distances. I also lost a track of all of my friends from school- meeting them was not possible because we were not in the city – Lucknow. Something or the other happened and our visits were never synced in any way. Keeping in touch through phone is never a substitute to meet in person. One day or night should I say became memorable for us as we rushed to meet each other. It was something that happened suddenly and we all met that Holi night which became the most memorable for us all. 

All these years we had lamented about not being able to meet each other and we were a bit disappointed by it all but when fate strikes , you would never ever know. It was in 2011, the holi night when I was about to meet 2 of my childhood friends in lucknow. Holi was always convenient for us as we used to always meet in the night. Its only the friends that changed. Before I set off from home, I got a call from my friend who asked me as to what I was doing, when I told him that I was going to meet the rest of the gang he was upto it and asked me to pick him up from his house(which was on the way). So we were now 4 people instead of initially 3. We had chosen a mall as our meeting place. The open area there was our favourite place where we used to sit and just chat while having coffee. While we were remembering our past school days, I got a call from another of my friend asking me where I was when he heard the noise in the background. On hearing the names of the people I was with, he got excited and told me not to make a move from the place as he was coming as soon as the lucknow roads would allow him to cover the distance.

By the time I completed the call and informed the others, there was wide grins on the faces of the others, they also had got a few more calls from our batchmates and they too were turning up as they knew that this moment of meeting all after a decade might not be possible in the time to come. When the friend who had called me turned up, I was surprised to see another of my friend with him. When I asked him he told me that he had just reached my friend`s house to meet him and he had dragged and pulled him alone to come alone. The initial meeting which was supposed to happen between just 3 people had taken the count to 9 people in total. Luckily I had my camera to capture all the moments. We had to move to a resto bar in the same mall to relive all those days, coffee joints was not enough spacious now. As we sat at the terrace of the place, all those childhood memories and talks came rushing back. It was a truly a special moment for all.

During the school time, we used to fight over who`ll pay for the canteen expenses, here too a similar fight was going on…everyone fighting over the fact that he would pay the bill. The festival in the day might have been dull for us but as the night progressed and this meeting happened, we all grew a bit optimistic that maybe we`ll all meet more often now. All we had to do now was to inform others and then see that who turns up. The optimism that our friendship can never be broken by distance or a fading memory- its here to stay… for a long time.

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