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" Forget her ".... Its just not possible

This has been said umpteen number of times by a guy/ gal to their friend who is having a hard time forgetting that one girl who really made his world go round ( or upside down after her exit). Its tough explaining people what it is to forget that person. What I am listing here are emotions experienced by virtually all those guys who have gone so far into the world of love that its just not possible to come back and be the normal person again.

The ideas and points written here are all based on personal experiences ( me and my friends) and are not part of any study. The persons reading them can either agree or disagree.

Being human – This Salman khan tagline is for real. Forget about girls liking bad boys for a while but it’s the dream of every guy that only one girl can soften me and make me a better guy who cares.

Flaws – Contrary to what many might think , the guys like to be accepted with all their faults. Be it physical, mental or whatever you may term it. The heart goes out to the girl who still loves us with all our shortcomings and everyone has that one girl in their life.

Dreams- Come on, we all know that guys dream big. But when they dream of the life / future with that one girl, it is damn special and takes up a lot of effort to finally decide on that. Instead of she being a part of the world, the world of the guy is instead built around her. Its tough to explain what goes through a guy`s mind when he sees that the girl is no more with him, the world just comes crashing down. The shattering of dreams and life is never easy. The basic loss is ….. well, to say irreversible. 

Give it all- Remember Preity zinta`s dialogue in veer zaara where she says that she knows a guy who would love her , giving it all he has ?? Although it was a movie dialogue but coming from a yashraj movie you can be rest assured that it is 100 % true. When guys love a girl , they give it all the love , attention and affection they have. The girl matters the most then. That explains the possessiveness , fear of loosing that person that we all have. 

Possessiveness- It stems from the fact that we love a girl so much. Once we don’t let a girl get inside the heart and once she`s there we don’t let her go. After having given a girl so much in terms of emotions , affection and love possessiveness makes sure that its impossible to forget her. Aamir khan`s dil chahta hai line , " आज पूजा कल कोई दूजा "  just doesn’t happen in real life.

Memories- The main culprit. Each and every moment spent together just lingers into the back of the mind and refuses to leave. Things become different when the same memories don’t let you sleep at night…its painful, very painful. 

I could have gone on and on but its just not possible. At a sudden loss of words…I had read somewhere that if you can list why you love her, you are attracted to her but if you cant put your feelings into words that easily , you love her a lot. Only my heart knows ( and everyone who ever loved) that I would keep on loving that one girl... never able to fully put it in words why ?? 

The next time you wonder why your friend is not able to get over one girl…keep these things in mind and also the various unwritten things that he might not be able to put in words ever… its only his heart that knows.

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  1. Thanks for sharing..

    Thanks for sharing..:)

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  2. Shwetabh... Acha laga padhkar... I was also thinking to write something on this... May be later...

  3. Shwetabh... Acha laga padhkar... I was also thinking to write something on this... May be later...