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AITE - Indiblogger`s JARVIS

“ No” 

“ No” 

“ No”

No, its not the reply that you typically hear of a Delhi autowallah who refuses to take you to places you really want to go but of a typical blogger daily as they go through heaps of unwanted press releases flooding the mailboxes daily. Bloggers want press releases catering to their niche of writing and expertise but rarely do they come across bullseye. Same is the case with the “ bechaara” publishers, they don’t know whom to reach. They rarely have an option to know whom to finally go to, its just like blindly firing an array of arrows across the hill hoping that atleast one hits the target. Simply put its a waste of time for all – bloggers cursing the spam mails and the publishers cursing because they don’t reach the target audience in the first go... but that would change now quite quickly.

Welcome to , launched by Indiblogger just for the same purpose. This becomes a win win medium for the brands and bloggers both as the brands can reach the right bloggers and influencers for a budget price. According to Anoop Johnson, Co-founder & Director of Marketing at IndiBlogger, “With a starting budget of just USD 150” , its within the reach of every brand including start-ups, fits everyone`s pockets. Its designed in such a way so as to simplify the press news publishing process on blogs from India.

This is how it works- 

1. Brands upload the press releases on

2. Bloggers get notification through mails and if interested, apply for it.

3. AITE or (Automated Influencer Targeting Engine) of IndiPR automatically shortlists the best bloggers from among the lot who have applied. He is more of the JARVIS from Ironman who does all the automation and for a change lets assume him to be JARVIS ( AITE seems too technical).

4. Once the shortlisting has been done and the blogger accepts the project, they have just 48 hours to go about their job and publish the post after the necessary research on the said project they have taken up.

5. The whole process takes just 72 hours from start to finish so no one is wasting any time.

If you are thinking how can JARVIS and the Indian Stark Industries (IndiPR) help you, then here is everything in a very simple language. Depending on the amount of budget a brand has, it becomes easier for the brand to specify maximum how much blog posts they want for a particular press release (the number can go up or down) and they can then connect with number of bloggers of a particular genre. A rating system of the blogposts thus submitted means that brands can rate the posts which they like really and JARVIS would make sure that in the future you surely get the shortlisted Tony Stark you want in the future for your particular Mark series of Ironman suit.


So its not a waste of time for anyone. Brands connect with Tony Starks as Jarvis makes sure that only interested ones get to wear the particular Ironman suits brands are offering. Applying just for the heck of it or something not of the domain a person writes would reflect at the time of ratings and then there is danger of not being shortlisted in the future. 

So we have the Stark Industries now (IndiPR), JARVIS (the automated intelligent engine), the various Ironman suits (the press releases) by the brands and you might wonder what happened to Tony Stark (bloggers/influencers) in all this??

Well, the biggest fact is that the Tony Starks of the blogger world don’t have to go through tons of mails now, looking for the one that suits their needs. JARVIS makes sure that you , the blogger gets the right Ironman suit to fit. Once working with the brand commences and you are highly regarded for the press releases you do for the brand, the scale of operations would grow to creative assignments, invitations to attend the trendiest launch events and be privy to the latest news on the planet before the world does.

IndiPR and JARVIS make sure that all the cumbersome process of identifying and targeting each Influencer/blogger is not the headache of the brand. Just a budget and a press release would make sure that the rest of the process is automated. So now instead of the autowallahs type of rejection, get ready for the acceptance. 

In case you feel curious and interested, do get in touch with the Iron Patriot aka Anoop Johnson at or ring him up at :

Phone - +91-9900-001655 or 0124-4891498

This Ironman lingo might have made you understand the whole thing more quickly.

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