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WOW : " "Three Wishes"...

Everyone has wishes. We all wish for that magic lamp which we could drop, a genie would appear and grant us are three wishes although our very first wish would be to never lead genie go but just like fairytales there are no genies and no snapping of the fingers and wish fulfilled. So it’s left to us to fulfil the wishes very close to our heart and here are the three which I wish to fulfil some day - no time restrictions because they are not so easy for me to achieve...

“You two characters are going to Top Gun”

Whoa whoa whoa... The epic line from the 1986 blockbuster, which was all about danger zone, a no holds barred pilot, F-14 tomcats , romancing your instructor and feeling “The need for speed”. Even before I watched this movie in 2004 for the first time or even knew that such a movie had been made in Hollywood, I had always wanted to don the blue uniform of the Indian air force. As luck would have it, I was not so good in maths so had to leave the dream. A few years after that when AXN used to air `who dares wins`hosted by Mike Whitney and Tania Zetta, that was the first time in an episode when I saw an Australian actually flying a MIG 29 Fulcrum in Ukraine as a part of a jackpot task of the show. Somehow I had found a way to fulfil my dream of sitting in a fighter cockpit and handling the controls of the bird. I did some research on that and came to know that Ukraine promotes military tourism and you can actually fly planes of your choice- but that come at a steep price. A few years back, it costed a whooping USD 15,000 which, when translated to Indian currency goes past 10 lakhs. To fulfil that dream. I am looking for this huge amount of money. This one wish flying in a fighter is so strong that if somebody gives me the lifetime choice of flying a fighter or choosing the love of my life forever, I would say to her, “Sorry love, I promise that I love you forever in the next lifetime all you want , but in this lifetime that beauty over there is something I cannot leave.”

Let’s start the afterburners…

I have always been the wanderer type, the crazy person who forgets himself when in the lap of nature or at some historical place and I can walk quite a long distances while exploring until my knees begin to scream with pain. My one wish is to take part in a marathon - full or half it doesn’t matter. I want to compete in any special marathon which might be organised for the purpose of the welfare of specially abled / differently abled people. Prizes don’t matter to me, I want to test and challenge myself when it comes to endurance and pushing the limits of my body when a very well know that I have actually walked so much distance that doctors have actually advised me against unnecessary walking. I want to be a part of such a marathon where I could actually contribute to a cause which could help people who are not so lucky. Apart from that, over the years I have also seen various people take part in such marathon, who are physically limited by their bodies but they do compete, it would be an honour for me to race with such gutsy men and women too.

In my quest to do something different, I have this uncanny knack of either trying new things or gaining knowledge about the fields which I truly love. My last wish was a tie regarding learning between two things and the final choice has edged the other just by a small margin. I want to learn `The sign language`. This thought first came into my mind when few years back and the Delhi book fair. I had met some people who had difficulty expressing what book they were looking at a stall. In the Metro too, I had encountered a few persons who by gestures and indications tried to tell me where they wanted to go and how to reach there. That very day I had decided that if I get a chance and time for myself, I would surely learn the sign language. I tried learning on my own but it’s tough because there is no writing and memorising, it’s all hand gestures and memorisation, which is quite different for the mind to grasp now. Like learning ABCD with a whole new dialect something which I am not trained still. Someday I would be able to learn this language and communicate with those people with much greater ease.

Whether it be walking 42 kms, learning a new language or racing down the runway flying at Mach 2….. These are all wishes that I wish to fulfil in the coming years, let’s see that how much time do they actually take.

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  2. Wish you good luck, Hope you learn soon and yes the other benefit of sign language I guess would be less of noise pollution. Wishing you a great year ahead.