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Berger Express Painting: Sir looks like green is your favourite

Mr. Das at the indiblogger meet

Well, who would have thought that for months after first meeting the persons I would be actually implementing what they said. The story goes back to February this year when I had a chance to go to a blogger meet in Delhi, sponsored by Berger. Apart from the usual fun I had I actually got to meet the Company officials and most importantly, I had a personal interaction with Mr Vinod Das. That five minute talk was actually a boon for me then, because I literally bombarded him with issues when it comes to painting and that too in a city like Lucknow. I remember telling him that whatever services about the painting provided by the company you have just told, these are only good for metro cities and not for the other Cities. It was his confidence which said that, “Lucknow is an important city for us. We provide the same services. That is the same in the rest of the country.” He even gave me his twitter handle just in case I need any help to contact him. The painting of my room was long overdue and it was just a matter of time when I would get it started.

I have no qualms in saying that Berger was not my first choice but it was a series of circumstances which actually led me to it. When I wanted to get my room painted, I looked up Asian paints for designs and settled on the radium painting done in the kids room. I had settled on the design but was having issues with the contractor`s dates. One contracter screwed up when he didn’t turn up . I cancelled the contract for wasting my time. I contacted Mr Das and asked if his company did radium painting. He was so quick to respond that a company executive was sent to my home in just four hours without me having to go through the normal visit request route. They both enquired and came up with the answer that the company has discontinued this product long back and they both were hopeful that I would give them a chance in the future with normal painting job. Chance came really soon when I fired the normal painters at my house for substandard quality painting. Now I knew whom to call up. I called up that executive again and gave him the task to get my room, texture painted. The ammunition in my hand was the design booklets we had been given at the Delhi meet. I sat down with him one day and picked out the texture design I had shortlisted. The other executive that came with him looking after my shades and designs said, “Sir, looks like green is your favourite”. I just nodded because all the designs that I shortlisted were green. I finally settled on “Rush” which gives the impression of raindrops on the window of a fast moving car.

Before he left, just to make sure that I don’t face painter hassles. I told him that Mr Das was indirectly involved in this project and what ever you do would be made known to him and to the company directly, so be careful. He assured me. It has taken my room five days to complete, but never in those five days was there any inconvenience. Although the work was being done by a contractor there was no inconvenience to me. There was no rush to finish the work quickly. It was all about quality as there was another room to be done in the house but that would be given unless and until I was more than satisfied with the work they were doing in my room.

Although it’s a bit expensive when you compare it to the painting done by individual painters in the cost incurred in it but after having experienced normal painters and their leaving midway after doing substandard work, not coming, delaying the whole painting, etc. I would say that it was worth every penny to have Berger take this job and complete it. It totally took off my mind of various purchases of paint, brush, rollers, painting accessories and what not. All I have to do is to make the payment. This would have been not possible without the help of Mr Vinod Das from the very first instance when he got into the thick of things with my radium painting request months back. He wouldn’t have been there in Delhi, I wouldn’t have had a chance to talk to him and get an idea that maybe I can try this painting service to save myself the discomfort and inconvenience of getting the painting .

This is how my room looks like –


The story is not over yet. After having successfully done my room. It’s time for part 2 to get my parents room done. Thanks to Mr Das, Berger and every executive involved in my lead from start to finish. If you’re short on time and want to save yourself the supervision work of having to look after the painting done, I suggest you contact Berger for the same and Mr Das for added measure, although he holds a very high post in the company but the level with which he is involved with your request is phenomenal.
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