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What my friends taught me from their lives about facebook

Facebook… Something which everybody uses all over uses according to his or her choice. Today I would share my experiences as to what my friends taught me about Facebook over the years, they are either drawn from my own experiences, their experiences or by mere observation as to what I would try not to repeat or do in my life when it comes to facebook. Here we go:

Courtship / marriage/ PDA: You must be really pissed off when you see the people posting about their courtship period or day to day or day marriage events with full PDA. They come on, it’s okay to say I love you to your beloved but what does it have to do with us seeing it on our timelines when you are openly declaring to the world that you love him/her. What do we have to do with it?? The same goes for married couples who wish each other on Facebook as if they are not on talking terms with each other or their waiting for divorce period to settle in. It’s okay to share your marriage event with pictures. If you want to, for the others to see. But apart from this… It’s well beyond my understanding.

Family mela: This probably stems from the fact that majority of Facebook users are novices and they actually add up is in everybody within their family here. Right from mom and dad to distinct relatives everybody’s part of the group. The issue starts the content sharing and even friendship bond with the others to some extent. You can’t post something on the friend`s wall because their mausi might see it and report to the family and a full CID investigation would start as to what? When? How? Why. Its an easy option for us because the people have such wide restrictions when it comes to communication that you utterly become confused and resort to one place Facebook where they can see it and give feedback. You can’t share some content you wrote because the recipients`s in-laws are they are on Facebook and what will they think of their damad if he comments? Now I am very clear about whom to accept at fb... relatives and family members are a no go, their requests are instantly blocked.. Search me if you can.

Observation: Over the years of fb usage I have learned to observe things in real life more closely. This comes from the far that quite of few of my friends are very good in observations, and that’s where I has picked up or tried to pick up my observation skills.

Humour: Now this is tricky if you are also on Twitter. The very basic rule is that to understand the fact that there would be very few people on fb who would actually understand the humour of Twitter here. During the good old days of Twitter and few existing accounts too, the humour and pun in those 140 characters is something which not everyone is capable to comprehend. A tweet which might get you Rt there would most probably lead to fights on fb.

Area 51: Thats coded because it denotes an area about which USA leaks very little information. It controls what it wants the people to know. Same is the case with people who keep the content on fb just about right. They don’t say too much information about themselves, don’t post unnecessary mandatory good morning, good evenings on the walls everyday and stuff like that. It’s content control and quite of them are really happy because it does not lead to any embarrassments or what ifs later on.

Fight but with facts: Something which my friends have taught me is that in case you need to fight it out in an argument online you`ve got to have the facts on your side and then totally decimated the opposition. They are one set of people who generally don’t have any deeper know how about the topic and they would gracefully accept this fact and promise to be well read and the rest are just… Arrogant. Be it on any topics they would be what we call as blind supporters or half bakers. On the basis of facts and actual research which I did for my blog posts I actually took on two posts at the pages of Mahindra and Bajaj. They both concerned with the Armed Forces of India and although I would say that I am on a learning curve everyday regarding this, but whatever information gathered over the years is in a to destroy any half-hearted opposition I may encounter. They questioned me, I screwed them with real facts and my own research and after that they did not have the voice to even utter a single alphabet. So pick your fights with care and fax because in this world of online garbage content you don’t know the art whichever of your favourite topic is being served to people just like that, and you would step in to save the honour of that subject someday.

Keep learning: I have learnt about poetry, photography, humour etc. from my friends with ages not withstanding. My technology updates come from a friend (, the quest to learn more about powerful poetry in the simplest of emotions from a girl who is the bubbliest, cutest kiddo I have ever known in my life till now. I urge her to write more poetry as she is busy with her reporting job as Page 3.  Each and every day I try to learn something from these people because majority of them are masters and passionate about what they do.

Back off: Arguments/fights are common in various topics and it can stretch to unimaginable proportions. You explain to people your point of view, but if even after that they continue to fight with you or other people I just let them fight and switch to some of the work. Its not about hanging around to see who wins because somebody or the other is into when and you can’t be pacifying the other person.

That’s what I have learned from people about fb..
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