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WOW: I am Happy when....

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There are a lot of things which make people happy. What makes me happy, really happy are those the small trivial things. What you are about to read here would look more of a Zomato list and review rather than being part of some candid, light-hearted post. So here I go-

Let’s get chompy first with cucumbers.. Cucumbers, cut into four slices with black salt and a generous amount of lemon drenched all over it. This is my staple go to food. People run after Maggi if they can’t find anything to eat of their liking, I gorge on cucumbers by the dozen. The sight of it can make me really happy. Bugs Bunny is into carrots and in the same way I am into these green delicacies.

Those branded ice creams are common find across the country but another thing which can cheer me up is the sight of opening the freezer and finding the ice cream made out of mango shake settling in. As spoilt as a north Indian can be in terms of choice of mangoes, this ice cream is only prefered by me if its made entirely of Dushheri mango shake and I can have it 24x7x365 if it would have been possible in terms of availability.

Cucumbers done, mango done….. Now what is left?? Ah.. Custard. Bowls of it can disappear much faster even before you blink an eye. Thus, sweetness speaks for itself and I don’t think that I need to elaborate much on this.

Food over and now let’s try something else. How can I forget nature?? Here there are two things – greenery. So let me take each one of them differently and then merge both of them together for that perfect picture. Greenery for me in the very perfect sense would be tall trees, like say forest of sorts where its phenomenal and that place remains untouched by humans, it’s still there in its native form. Next on any given day, give me rain clouds, really, really, really dark ones which make the day turn into the night in a second. I love those dark clouds. The ones which I may not be able to put exactly in words. Now the only places where I had the chance to actually witness both of these things together was in Andaman and Nicobar when I had gone to see the tribal people of that place. At the checkpoint that day when all the vehicles were waiting for the convoy to start, then I noticed both of these things together. To my left and right was forest area and up above were the really dark rain clouds. Now this thing makes me super excited at any day of the year.

I don’t know whether this next one counts is what I witnessed firsthand and the excitement so that’s why its there. In just one line I would say me watching a live hockey match in the stadium and an Indian victory gets me excited. I scream my lungs out for the whole duration of the match, for every second the ball is in Indian possession and screaming towards the opponent`s goal. I along with every spectator out there go bonkers. At the telecast of the tournaments too , my excitement keeps shouting in my room…. But one thing beats even this one…

Get Force India onto the podium in any given race and you would have decibel levels you have never ever heard in your life. At whatever places over the years the team has scored podium finishes I have cheered, shouted, celebrated like there is no tomorrow…. and this thing continues for the future too.

Such trivial things might not be something really great to rejoice for the others, but for me they are the epitome for being super happy and super excited.

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