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The apocalypse.. #fridayfotofiction

“ Hello… Is anyone there?? Damn… “

All Adam could hear was just the echo of his voice in the now empty parking lot. He was lucky to be alive. The mounting tension between his country and the neighbour had suddenly escalated into a full fledged war with the hostile making the first move. A huge explosion had been heard at the nearby powerplant which manufactured weapons grade uranium.

Adam was just getting out of his car in the parking lot when a small concrete slab fell and knocked him unconscious. Waking up now , he could hear distant voices at the entrance of the floor, sounds he had heard in zombie movies. If radiation had turned people into zombies somehow, what chances he had of survival? Trapped at floor of the lot with the only way out was through that apocalypse and god knows what future if he lived.

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The apocalypse.. #fridayfotofiction The apocalypse.. #fridayfotofiction Reviewed by Shwetabh on 8:24:00 AM Rating: 5


  1. Morning News:
    Another fictional character dies in Friday Foto Fiction
    Arnab Goswami: NATION WANTS TO KNOW - Who sanctioned a parking lot so near an atom bomb manufacturing company storing Uranium, possibly unstable. Was the Uranium stored in water?
    The Sunday debate is open. Topic: Adam's Explosion.

  2. Surviving radiation blast itself is a miracle only to find that life is gonna be hell if faced with zombies... what a dramatic tale Shwetabh!

  3. Fictional war zone story.. sad these wars take place & all the more bad that normal peoplw like us suffer. Zombiessss wuuu

  4. Surviving radiation blast, getting under a concrete slab and yet not turning into a zombie himself, sounds like a sci-fi Hollywood movie. God save him from zombies.
    Interesting tale

  5. Very interesting! Hope you take this forward.
    Thank you for writing for #FridayFotoFiction

  6. Oops... so we can expect a continuation of this story. Wait for the new prompt, I think you can continue the story. Btw it was so easy to read this time! 😜 Thanks for linking up with #FridayFotoFiction

  7. Destruction of world and we all turning zombiesssss , 😯😯😯😯shwetabh I got scared