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Kashmiri girls are no conquest....

I last visited kashmir in 2013 and instantly fell in love with srinagar and the surrounding areas. Kashmiris are very fair and the women there can match angels no doubt.. What has really angered me over the past few days after the recent decision is to see people treat kashmiri girls as an object of final conquest. Kashmir itself maybe in a state of complete lockdown but elsewhere in the country you can come across various videos on social media where people are happy about kashmir only because they can now get a kashmiri bride. 

Its not the tale of some boy whose girlfriend is in kashmir and the law of the country somehow forbade them from being together. Its more of the लीचड़ type of thinking where a few of them can be seen saying , “ Now I can get a kashmiri girl for myself. Was unable to find one in delhi , can now happily go there and get one for myself”. This feels so much....what can I say, I am unable to express my anger, dissapointment in the exact right words I am seeking. This is not limited to just the general public of the country...even the so called politicians are on the same lines. Have read many instances where the politicians of the ruling govt have expressed the line at various gatherings that muslim bjp workers can now get themselves a wife from kashmir. What the hell is this??? 

If you thought that the politicians/public are happy with the recent developments in kashmir just because that would give them a chance to work for the development of that place, you are so much wrong. The underlying agenda of all of them seems to be only to get a girl from kashmir. Thats their idea of freedom. Its wrong to say that all males of the country are exactly like the few idiots I have told you about but somewhere down the line the majority seems to be thinking on that lines. 

There are guys who would be compassionate and caring to all girls whether they are from Kashmir or from any other part of the country for that matter. Untill then I can say to the guys who have openly expressed their this desire that Kashmiri girls are at par with girls from the rest of the country and if the delhi ones can reject you for your thinking or any other ground they think suitable, I pray that you get rejected for from them also.. 

Untill then I would say it again... Kashmiri girls are no object of conquest...Nopes, Never... 

* This crap in the mindset of people have come out in the open after the abolishing of Article 370 in kashmir
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