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Top Gun Maverick trailer : 1986 in an F 18 Hornet

Looking at the trailer of top gun maverick it feels like 1986 has arrived in an F-18 Hornet. There was little new I could actually see in the trailer, majority of things seem to be recreated from the original one. The things which it actually does correct is in the opening flight sequence itself. In the opening scene you see the firing of guns, the back to basics which it does correct this time, for 34 years it has faced flak over this very use or non-use in the first movie. The rest of the trailer seems like a nostalgia trip from 86, the same flight jacket, the aviators, biking with a fighter taking off, throttle forward and stick back, the volleyball scene, the piano song which reminds both of the club scene and that great balls of fire combined into one. 

The catapult shot of the jet is a single seater, wondering whom tom cruise would talk to now in this movie or would there be a RIO? Ed Harris looks old 3x fast forward. For me the question remains unknown on two things- will danger zone make a comeback and what matches the awesome opening scene aboard a aircraft carrier from the first movie? Apart from the huge expectations related to this movie also comes the fear of the history of super flop duds when it comes to sequels and just hoping that this movie doesn’t flop....and please no remote controlled model plane dogfighting as in the 1st movie...  

Behind enemy lines gave an insight into the Hornet and just hoping that maverick takes it a notch further and gets us all upclose and personal with this fighter as it did in 86 with the tomcat. There are some movies which have sequences worth the price of admission alone- the opening scene in top gun, the HALO jump in mission impossible, the SAM sequence in behind enemy lines and if you look into bollywood probably the rock climbing scene from lakshya. All it seems to be a wait and watch when it comes to any such scene from top gun maverick….. Until then its a long wait to the summer of 2020.
Top Gun Maverick trailer : 1986 in an F 18 Hornet Top Gun Maverick trailer : 1986 in an F 18  Hornet Reviewed by Shwetabh on 9:47:00 PM Rating: 5

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