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Sir, your Espresso coffee......अबे यह तो काली है

Well its high time that I take a crash course in the world of coffee… I seem like a total idiot I guess when I sit down and order anything even remotely related to coffee. So this week I had espresso instead of what I really wanted… The cappuccino. 

Well this Diwali was meeting my childhood friend. It was late in the evening so the natural choice to meet at a cafe which of course had coffee but I guess that I had no clue about the various types of coffee available in the world. The Menu also had no demarcation on the various types of coffee, they were all listed under coffee. The friend ordered a beverage and I went for the coffee-espresso among other munchies. I was clueless and my friend was also staring at me a bit wide-eyed. Our two orders came really fast-taking well under four minutes. I was awestruck seeing the size of the cup and was wondering यार CCD में तो बड़े कप में आती है कॉफी, यह तो चुहिया के साइज़ का प्याला ले आया। अबे किसी और का ऑर्डर है . on top of that it was black coffee and I was wondering, “Where is the damn milk”?. I was thoroughly sure that the waiter must have mixed up somebody else’s order in before calling the waiter to recheck I decided to ask my buddy- 

Me: अबे यह क्या है? 

Him: तूने ही Espresso मंगाई थी, आ तो गयी 

Me: इसमें दूध कहाँ है ? और इतना छोटा ?

Him:Espresso ब्लैक कॉफी होती है और उसके शॉट्स आते हैं 

Me: तो फिर वो CCD वाली क्या होती है ?

Him: Cappuccino. वही मैं सोचूं कि तू कबसे classic चीज़ें पीने लग गया 

Then thinking of it as a tequila shot consoled myself with the fact that the price has been paid search better and should finish up this coffee irrespective of the fact that whether I like it or not and believe me it was bitter as hell and the good thing was that we had a pizza to munch on so it took quite a lot of bitter aftertaste with it. Well you can’t blame me totally for this, I have never had known varieties. All I’ve seen in majority of those coffee machines which you find in functions, they’re also at the top of the machine there is the wording written as espresso coffee and what do those churn out is the regular milk coffee so that was in my mind then and while ordering I had also forgotten the name cappuccino. 

Two days later when I had to meet my group from school the first thing I did was to confirm whether the milk even was indeed cappuccino and then go for it. Lesson learned for life- espresso is black coffee. 

Sir, your Espresso coffee......अबे यह तो काली है Sir, your Espresso coffee......अबे यह तो काली है Reviewed by Shwetabh on 12:06:00 PM Rating: 5

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