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Have we lost the feeling of empathy and respect towards others ?

People say that I am very aggressive and fight with people very often although it’s not the right way but I can’t help it. I fight for what is wrong. Two incidents happen in a span of a few hours and I was made to wonder if we have really lost touch with humanity.

I had two fights in a single day with people. People known to me say that I should control migration and not get short tempered so easily but I can’t help it, not when I see something wrong going on. Incidents are small and I leave it to you to decide how do you decipher it –

Early in the morning, in the metro I come across a man travelling with his son. Both were seated on the opposite seats and while the child was eagerly looking out at the various sites through the glass his father was drawing his attention to the various things and making him familiarise with a few things. I snapped at the father the moment the train left an underground station. Why?? The moment those of the train closed, he called out to his son and said, “ Wo dekho Mayawati”.. Confused I turned around and saw that he was referring to the lady guard on the platform. Forget any reference to the politician Mayawati , she was not anywhere close to her. She was all slim and did not need that kind of a description. I don’t know whether this fits into body shaming, vulgar calling or objectifying or whatever but what he did was wrong because you don’t know how his son would actually take up to see girls/ladies later on in his life. As his little son was preparing to sling his little back on his shoulders and his father was dusting it, I responded with, “Just the Way you are dusting the dirt of his bag you should also sweep some dust on your crap mind through which you are making your child see the other people and specially the fairer sex. That was no way how you would address a female let alone the guard on the platform. Just thank your stars that the train moved quickly enough otherwise I would have immediately handed you over to the CISF.” Things got a bit heated but the tone in my voice and the fire in my eyes told him to back off especially when he was with this little kid otherwise a lot would have happened in the bargain with him.

The second incident happened just after that in a bus. I was going from Lucknow to Kanpur and at the extreme end of my seat at the back there were two dumb people (speech impaired) who were also travelling. They were having their conversation in sign language and also bought the tickets the same way from the conductor. There was a guy sitting next to them, probably around 40+ who was quiet the whole journey but spoke to me his mind after those two had got down at the destination on the outskirts of the city. He said, “Both of them look fraud to me”.

Me: Why?

Him: How can both of them be dumb? There is something fishy. 

Me: Which book in the world says that to people who can’t speak can’t travel in the bus together? Or together they might. It seems that you have never travelled outside of your village ever in your life and talking like tears in the whole world. Keep your idiotic lunatic thoughts to the side, close your mouth, open your mind, see the world and then talk.

It was a pretty miracle that in spite of having got into two arguments in a single day in just a few hours apart, I had not got into a fist fight of any kind and was unsurprisingly all okay. These two incidents showed me that we have lost all sense of human compassion towards the others.. And it’s such a shame.

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