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Computer tech becomes outdated in max 2.5 years

We all have faced a situation where the not so tech savy friends and relatives of ours have called us and asked us to suggest them a laptop or pc configuration. Some of them have an idea about their budget, some don’t. The cash majority of times doesn’t match their work usage. This is a very short post on how this and the ever so changing and obsolete computer technology also puts us in a quandry over the same. 

In the nov of 2017, I paid a total of 30,000/- for a pc configuration of a Core I 5 7th gen processor, Gigabyte motherboard capable of holding a Nvidia GTX 1030 graphics card and a 64 bit Windows 10. The ram was a 4 gb from corsair and also came a ATX cabinet and SMPS by iball. The ram could be expanded later on . I already had a monitor, a seagate internal hdd and a sony dvd writer. Graphics card was due to the future use of processing DSLR photos on lightroom ( which already took 4 gb ram as standard use). In late 2019, when I finally decided to use lightroom I had to upgrade the ram to 8 gb (which costed me some money via exchange) so that I don’t face any type of stutter. So you see that the configuration is more than enough and powerful for simple use and wont require any major upgrades for many years to come unless either of the processor or the motherboard conks out. 

Compare this to June 2020 when I had to go to the computer market to get the price for an assembled pc unit for someone. His configuration includes a Core I 5 9th gen processor, gigabyte motherboard, Nvidia GTX 1030, 8 GB ram, I ball cabinet and SMPS, a 22” Samsung monitor, 1 TB hdd , DVD writer. All this is costing him under 40,000/- . 

So you can see how fast technology has become obsolete in just 2.5 years where in almost the same price you are getting much technologically advanced configuration, discounting the fact that these are the prices when the computer and its parts have become expensive after budget. 

This post is a wake up call to all those who contact us to suggest them a configuration of pc or a laptop model. My laptop is a I 5 8th gen with 16 GB ram, graphics card. In 2018 it costed me 68000/- . Now a days for less than 50,000/- you can get a laptop with a hdd + ssd but without graphics card. For us, suggesting models / configuration is not easy as things are changing really fast and we can never suggest you a configuration which is always value for money as the budget would always be less than the hardware which is perfect for you. After every 30 months, tech changes by generations and if you are not careful, you might be fooled in buying outdated gadgets. 
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