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Uma ji : Discovery from a tweet to great art

How often it is that a simple tweet about someone puts into motion a chain of events which lead to something and further to 2 totally unknown persons discovering each other. 

It all started with a tweet by a twitter user (@rons1212) who shared a pic about an artist from pune and her collection whom she visited on her home visit. There was something simple about the designs, something which appealed to me when I observed closely. The lady was Uma and her husband Amiya. A stated fact about them had me thinking how to start talking to them- they both are hearing and speech impaired so the whatsapp number shared had the condition that it was only for texts. A bit into the night I texted her awaiting her reply from a supposedly unknown caller. When she confirmed that it was her number, I showed her the tweet screenshot to absolve her of any fears she may have about her number been in public domain. I asked her about her art collection and she sent me a whole pdf of her collection. I had something planned for a friend of mine. 

The 1st lot ordered

I selected a few things from that collection, all of them being related to art as the friend is very much into that. It took Uma ji less than two days to put together my whole order and make it ready to be couriered. I was told the full cost after the items had been shipped and an instant money transfer was made. The most funniest thing for me was that I shared the tracking number with my friend but did not tell her that what was coming or who was sending that. Within a week of the order placing the package was received and she was delighted by what had come. 

In the meantime all this was happening, I also placed another order for another friend but this was bit different. It was a cute quilling painting/drawing or whatever you may call it. It was something perfect for friendship. In between all of this whenever Uma ji had some clarification to seek she would ask her son to call and confirm, I would tell him what I wanted and then used to also write her an email detailing what I wanted. Some other engagements on her part meant that this second order took a bit more time than the first but as they say it was worth the wait. The day my friend received the drawing and she called to tell me that , she was way way way more chirpier than an early-morning sparrow. It was as if you had left a child in his favourite candy store. Her excitement was contagious and I wish I could somehow make Uma ji hear the response to her beautiful efforts. 

Uma ji deals in a variety of products but the starting point for me was arts through which I surprised two of my friends and also knew that in case you have a talent no handicap can stop you. It was just a simple tweet in the beginning and nothing else by a user, I was lucky that it was about art where two of my best friends connected with each other over it and I also was introduced to an amazing artist. 

Just in case you want to connect with Uma ji and her collection, contact her on via whatsapp texts only (hearing and speech impaired)- 9890679443. She would co-ordinate with you over email and would also ask her son to call and clarify in case something more is needed. While writing emails to her please make sure not to use too much of perfect English, its best if you use Hinglish , the everyday language which makes it easier to understand. 

A single tweet lead to discovery of great art. Thanks to twitter for this. Reminds me of the famous dialogue from the movie Haasil , "I like artists" 😊 "
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