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When art brings 2 strangers together for the lifetime

I have always wondered and thought that the world is a really small and unexpected things can happen at any point of time. Two  very different yet similar strangers, who live thousands of kms away, who have never known the existence of each other, never met can hit off so suddenly that it amazes you. It’s also testimony to the fact that art can really bring people together. 

Case in point here is two of my friends who came together via me just on a random hunch and have hit together so well that they both seem like sisters from another mother or real sisters from past life. One of them, Preetilata, my awesome friend is a Delhi resident, an ex-blogger, and insta fanatic, quiling queen, a drawing artist… Well that comes from me, someone who doesn’t even know how to draw a straight line. 

The other partner in crime here is Anupama, a crazy biker girl , my colleague, more than that a very very good friend, somebody you find rarely these days. When this adventurous Lara Croft is not riding bikes, polishing helmets she turns into an amazing artist. Her every sketch, painting comes to life instantaneously. It’s like she has drawn something and then casted a spell to bring it to life. 

They both came together one random day when I suggested Preeti to follow Anupama on Insta and see whether she might like her sketches. I was already in awe of what she made. Well it was a landmine move on my part…Self-destruct I must say. Both of them went bonkers over each other and their respective creations. I have never seen 2 introvert girls talk so much with each other. The common thing which brought them together was just art and nothing else. Within a week of being introduced to each other via online medium they were so thick in their bond that it felt 2 long-lost sisters meeting after a few decades. I jokingly call them sisters from past life and they truly behave like one. Majority of times I feel the other end of the gun when both of them gang up against me with lines, mischiefs and a lot more. I don’t know what will happen on the cracker of the day when these two actually meet in person. Even though they share quite an interest in majority of things, cuisine is where things get interesting. Anu being from the south has developed quite a love for some north Indian dishes while Preeti is looking to experiment with the more unknown south Indian ones. When it comes to food it becomes an interesting topic between the three of us. 

I’m always sceptical about introducing different people to each other from the different spheres of my life as I don’t know how the other person would react. A friend cum colleague meeting a blogger friend was not something I was sure of except for the fact that both of them are artists. Somewhere down the line I might have hit the jackpot for both of them. 

This post is one of the very few personalised ones I’ve written over the years but I’m sure that it would mean a lot to both of them who never thought that they would meet each other by chance and their art would bring them together. The world is really small. 

Dedicated to these two crazy friends I have in my life.
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